Getting in the top X of a challenge event: how many points?

I would like to enter, for instance, in the top 100,000 of the rare tab of Guardians of Teltoc.
Is it possible to know how many points do I need? Of course, I know that other players may improve in the meantime, and that it is a moving goal, but it would be nice to have an idea.

I’d guess around 600k. I’m at about 570k and in 118000th place.

Lots of levels I should be able to get more in, but my 3* team isn’t so great.

Epic and Legendary I’m easily in that bracket. Thanks Proteus!


I’m in top 100 on Rare with 769k points.

600k for top 100k seems reasonable.

Would be nice, if they would divide the missing points to rank 1 by 15 and show the difference on each stage.

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