Getting ideas for def team or teams

Have a surplus of hero’s dont want to waste items on leveling trying to get ideas on making the best defense team I can I have my opinions looking to hear other ideas


Firstly that’s a GREAT squad I have there. Nice collection! I’m not an expert here by any stretch but looking at who I have maxed and considering I want defense I would use the following from side to side. The middle hero would b my pick at tank although I c u have some good ones.

Drake Fong
King Arthur

That team will have plenty of healing and ailment curing plus a nice bit of offense back. They should stack nicely with specials too. I know u will get some better suggestions from better players but I wouldn’t mind that lineup at all!
Oh yeah… try this awesome tool @Razor puts up too. U can actually plug in ur lineup and it gives comparisons and ratings. I’ll leave the link below… Good luck and read thru all the tools. Awesome stuff. I can recommend @_John_Doe and @Pois1 too for EXCELLENT work.

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I’d love to see what resulted with this team… more of a curiosity however, if I had all of them fully leveled I’d certainly give it a go…

Greg, Khiona, Drake, KGB, Misandrea for defense.

I have ran a similar setup with Greg on the left instead of evelynn it worked good but he shares the critical hit with ares that’s why I wanted lilianna or Evelyn in there

This is why I’m on here I haven’t even contemplated not using ares as a tank I have a few more to add got an amazing pull at Atlantis here are some of the hero’s plus a tc 20 i gotinteresting