Getting hit even though Health is 0

When fighting in raids, if I have an opposing hero with health down to 0, they are still able to fire. How come this doesn’t work in my favour? Plenty of times I’ve had full mana, but been killed before my turn and not been able to hit.

I’ve lift several raids recently because of this.

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You should post screenshots of those occurring.

Heroes at 0 HP are supposed to be dead and deal no damage. My only theory is that the hero is an emblemed fighter class hero able to revive at 1 HP.

I don’t see any other possibility other than a bug as claimed by OP. Then again, without screenshots or videos, all I see is an unverified claim.


I have seen this happen many times. It is very frustrating.

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invisible... - YouTube i posted this some months ago.(dead finley = still alive)

Based on the puzzle reaction, that Finley is not dead, just invisible. See how in the later part the puzzle become ghosting indicating the Finley finally die.

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I second @yelnats_24 - looks more like its an invisible Finley (Where do i get the invisibility cloak? From an invisible custom portal? :thinking:).

Maybe this is related to reports about blacked out enemies?
Can you reproduce this issue, when facing Finley in raids or war or didn’t it happen in the last time (aka might already be solved with some of the last updates)?


In the video Fin is actually invisible and not dead. Unfortunately the video starts too late, we can’t see how he became invisible.

But sometimes heroes get revived, then they hit and die by status effects like poison, all in one turn.

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I’ll take screenshots next time, it was aslar last time, not a revive, fired at zero then died, can’t remember the other heroes that it happened with, but don’t think it was Finlay

Well, that’s something different. When you tap on a hero, while the move is still running, it already shows its remaining health that it will have at the end of the move. Hence, you might see remaining HP at zero, while the hero still hits you before finally passing out.

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Isn’t that only happen if you click a hero who fire shortly before they die of DoT or reflect?

No, no reflect in effect, I have hit them with tiles, I see them about to fire, I check on their health, it’s 0, they fire and die

Maybe bleed effect from barbarian class

This is my team, surely a bleed shouldn’t matter as it would take after the turn, if I have bleed effect on me, I still have health, take my turn then the bleed would bring to 0, this was already at 0, then fired

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