Getting higher scores in events

How does scoring work for events? I’ve tried speed and to use no specials , made sure my hero’s weren’t injured , etc . please inform

This sums it up in a napkin format.

  • The faster you complete the level, the more points you get.

  • The more health your heros have when you complete the stage, the more pointd you get.

  • The more combos you get during the stage, the more points you get.

Exactly how things are calculated is not known.
Someone, I dont remember who, did a great job collecting, testing and extrapolating formulas, but I cant seem to find them.

I have more or less figured out what you have to do to win an event.

Trust me, you don’t want to know.

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Cryptic as ever @Elpis haha!

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Since we are in the same alliance you need to know this :slight_smile:

These formulas pretty much nail things unless they have adjusted the algorithms. The latter parts ot the thread address the match score which seems to be the most mysterious.


Haha! Epi to the rescue! My bad amigo!

spend a couple hundred bucks on dragon attacks, meteors, super mana pots and WE refills?

Guess by the items you are referring to legendary.

Well, when it comes to legendary is a little different and you can’t forget about nados, but sure, normally it requires a lot of items OR a lot of refills.

Ideally with the perfect board you don’t need so much items, so having more tries and more patience lead to wasting much less craftables.

The thing is, what’s the better use of them?
I don’t say anything else, think about it.

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I tried (not very hard) for the first time last challenge event and I found that its really really hard for me to get a good board. Idk if the board were really stingy with me or I have a magic hand that make the board deader everytime I moved a tile,lol. With that said, I only push(use item) on only a couple of runs to improve my score. I used 5 flasks to refill and about 15% of my items. Maybe I will try next event and hope to gain more skills n technique to really push. I only manage to rank in top 300.

Unless you want to spend serious amounts of time grinding and crafting items and using gems to purchase WE refills, then forget trying to place high scores, and just take the loot on offer for completion. The top scorers aren’t necessarily more skilled, but they are willing to replay the stages dozens of times over.

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If u want to learn go watch @Anchor on Youtube
He plays the event and you can learn from his style of playing, has placed top 20 in events several times
I never quite understood how to score well on events untill i found his videos, they were great for me and on Guardians event i placed no.109,
This Avalon event i was at 94, half hour left i went for 2 more runs and finished number 51 on the event!
First time making it and it was super fun and worthed, now back to farming for another month, saving world flags :):):slight_smile:
A great shoutout to @Anchor thanks for posting the videos and supporting the community!

@Lunx Just curious, how many refill and item did you used?

Hey Koko
I think i used around:
85 bombs
50 dragon bomb
60 mana potion
35 tornadoes

Energy i think was around 8 refills

The point is you don’t use your mats if you have a bad board, every once in a while we get one of those miraculous boards and you want one of those per stage in the event.

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Thanks for the tips. I think I used 1/4 of your number and 5 refills because I only make the push for the last day because 2 days prior I was quite occupied with real life. By the 5th refill, I quit because I dont think I have enough time to get a significant rank. Maybe next time I can start out early and can focus more on optimising strategy to use my resources and heroes selection.

Короче я понял пока бабло не потратил то хрен тебе что дадут

You’re also going to need one of the elemental guardian debuffers… Jackal, Falcon, Panther…

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