Getting heros on levels

Hey there are a million different spread sheets on what you get from levels but there is no rhyme or reason to the heros you find on bottom correct??? Or is there certain levels to play for them too

Just like loots, what you get after finishing map levels are random. You may find some items with increased “chances” on certain provinces or certain range of food, iron, recruits down to the individual map levels, but not for heroes or troops.

You are just going to have to continue to play as you normally would and hope they drop for you. What you can gather as any sort of “guarantee” is that you are only able to find 1* - 2* heroes and 1* and 2* troops as possible map loots.


I know that but I got like 2 5* I’m building 4 4* for war teams and I’m at 3/60 with my reg team not sure who to acend first either lol but my prob is keep feeders I’m wait on my SH level 17 upgrade I only have 3 train camps 2 are 13 usally stay on i fill them with Atlantis and one at level 4 I need to upgrade the one to level 14 today so I got all my receipts in one I can’t keep feeders even with 3

Are you after levelling advice for heroes or your buildings? If heroes, please post you roster

Building your town up takes time. My best advice is always build your new buildings when you have a bare patch of earth, and don’t research TC14-18, it’s a waste of food. Running TC11 is a good way to get feeders cheap, I still tun at least one 24/7

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Ah, I see your goal is trying to beef up your heroes by ways of producing enough feeder heroes for their consumption. If so, maps levels would and should definitely “not” be the primary source of your feeder hero acquisition. Sure the occasional summon tokens and daily summons are there, but just like map levels, they are supplements.

You should rely on your Training Camps for that. I would hunker down and just bite the bullet that this game is a grind, and take your Stronghold and Training Camp and to a certain extent, housing levels up. Depends on your resource situation on sword, backpacks, and other farmable ascension materials, you would utilize your TC levels differently.

Aside from elemental specific training sessions.
TC1 - 5 recruits per 1 practice sword, 1600 ham - 1* random color every 10 minutes
TC2 - 5 recruits per 1 adventurer’s kit, 2000 ham - 1* to 2* random color every 30 minutes
TC3 - 5 recruits per 1 practice sword, 5000 ham - 1* random color every 2 minutes
TC4 - 4 recruits, 1500 ham - 1* - 2* random color every 3 hours
TC11 - 2 recruits, 1000 ham - 1* to 2* random color every 2 hours
TC19 - 2 recruits, 1 rugged clothes, 5500 ham - 1* random color every 1 minute

You can kind of see why TC19 is mentioned in terms of frequency only second to the famed TC20, it is because it takes “almost” nothing, to start pumping out feeders at a lightning fast pace, you are pretty much limited by the amount of food you have and the rugged clothes supply you likely have built up by the time you start TC19 (don’t be surprised to see this number go down drastically after you’ve grown accustomed to TC19). But as you have undoubted realized, 4* and 5* heroes take a long time to level, and on higher hero levels, you start to need more and more 1* feeders to even bump up a hero level, not to mention the associated food costs at that particular high levels, it is then 2* and 3* feeder, and trainer heroes become more valuable because it takes the same amount of ham per 1 training session, but the higher starred feeders can progress you further and faster.

I’ve sort of linked hero leveling with feeder heroes like food and shared my thoughts on my alliance floor.

  • 1* Heroes - Fast / Junk Food - High Calories, gives quick results for the buck, but less satisfying in the long run.
  • 2* Heroes - Ok meal - Gives good results and more satisfying than Fast Food
  • 3* Heroes - A nice meal - Gives even better, nutritious results and better than an ok meal.
  • 4* Heroes - A gourmet meal - Now this is a date night quality meal. Extremely satisfying, you don’t do this very often, so it won’t really break the bank. But when you do… wow.
  • 5* Heroes - An extravagant meal - Not for the faint hearted because I am actually talking about feeding 5* here (that’s why you get asked “Twice” if you really want to do it). Besides trainer heroes, it is most elevating of experiences (XP), but leaves the most buyer’s remorse on the table especially if you did it by accident or regretted your decision afterwards.
  • Trainer Heroes 1* - 4* - Your High Fives all around Vitamin boosted energy drink. Useful in just about any situation except when the hero is low leveled and does not have full specials leveled, see more usefulness in high hero levels.

Any way, point is that you should focus getting feeders from TCs but which level to use, will depend on your current hero situation and resource management of what you have.


I do that now I was looking for extra ones!!!

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Sorry my yellow titan team

number 1 team

Ok, of the ones you have at 3/60, I would only send BT and Tibs to final ascension when you get the materials. Gobbler is junk, Chao is pretty weak for me, and Boril isn’t that great long term

If you want to know who to replace them with in your training regime, and you want to concentrate on fours, then Melendor, Wu and Triton would be my pick. With Tritons heal buff, BTs heal becomes much more meaningful, and Triton hits hard too. Wu is a must for titans, and Mel is a good sweeper when you face riposte or similar. All three of those should go all the way when you have the materials

But for now, for depth and colour stacking, finish off some good threes.

Balthazar Melia Mnesseus Namahage Gato Bane Nashgar Hawkmoon Belith are all good. Don’t feed Renfeld or Greymane, they suck. Oberon and Isshtak aren’t too special either. Gan Ju is ok but the other two yellows are better. You could use another decent blue three like Valen

All the threes will take less to train so put them up as priorities for colour stacking, which is key to raiding and Titans

And strongly suggest finishing heroes before starting on new ones, as far as they will go, and always single colour matched feeding to maximise specials advancement and get the extra 20% bonus experience

Good luck!

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I do single color match but only 3 tc so i can only do so much … I level mutiple ones with colors so I don’t have to pay extra for special training

Don’t know what you mean by pay extra for special training

But yes, it all takes a long time, this game is a marathon at times, but if you follow the plan above you will have good depth soon enough, like in a month or two

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I like Boril, his reflect is great in events, class quests, and challenges.

If you look at Barry’s Fave Farming sheet, it does have information on how often heroes drop on various levels, but it is rare enough that there will be a lot of variance.

Basically 8-7 is the best, unless Atlantis Rises is going on.

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Fair enough. I don’t mind him, I just find him passive, and it’s probably about my deep seated desire to hit stuff. I just find I use my other blue fours more


Everyone likes different heroes :slight_smile:

And I completely understand the desire to hit stuff lol

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