Getting Emblems

What are some ways to get Emblems? I mostly have 4* teams and with the latest emblem quest (Trials of serenity class quest) that I did today , I had very little heroes to choose from and I made it past “medium” (past the second stage ). I recently returned to the game after being away for a year.

Thanks for your help!

I think this list is comprehensive:

  • Mystic visions (1 per view)
  • Monsters/Heroes Wanted chests (0-3 per chest)
  • Titans Wanted chests (5-30?)
  • Elemental chests (5-50?)
  • War chests
  • Rare titan loot
  • Class Trials quests (18 each of 2 classes)
  • VIP (1 daily)
  • Raid tournaments
  • Challenge Events
  • Store purchases

You can also check the wiki page, which repeat what keridoc said, but also links you to the different class trials or explanation of the different talents.


@demise007 I don’t have a wide option for the specific hero classes we need at those Trials, but with Time Stops, axes/bombs and potions I can complete the last stage.
Other than that people already said how to get the emblems.
Good luck in getting as many as you can!

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Thanks guys ! Very helpful