Getting credit for final blow on titan

Ok now for the second time I have been not credited for final hit on titan. I have been at 31 final strikes for quite some time and this final strike today did not give e me credit. Why does this keep happening?
Can you please fix this problem?
Time was at Approx 12:18 pm Mountain time.
Not sure what else you need for proof.
Thank you. Please look at pics attached

Ok if you did NOT see the titan blow up means there was more than 1 person hitting at same time, and NO ONE had actual last hit. If you seam titan blow up you did have last strike.

Yes I watched it go down and the final points are what was showing that I finalized it.

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Actually if you look at the time I took last hit a few minutes after the previous hit

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Ok was just trying to help you figure the problem. Other than adding up they mean nothing at all that I know of. BUT if it means something to you I do understand that aspect. The ONLY thing you can do is goto options support and let SG know. GOOD LUCK. Also GREAT job

Hey thanks Well when I go to options and support this is where it takes me. Is there another page I should be on for bugs?

Nope. If it took you here, you probably pressed “REPORT A BUG” under the “COMMUNITY” heading. (See the heading? This is not even the provider; it’s a community of users.)

If instead you press “SUPPORT”, it’ll take you to Small Giant Games Technical Support and Help Center with a humongous session id that I assume will be useful to the support people.

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