Getting board after level 23


having passed level 23 , raids quests and leveling up is about all that can be done.
I’d like to suggest challenges on a weekly basis to keep game play fun and challenging.
Also more frequent quests.
This would help stop the monatany of auto play.


Check the forum: Season 2 is coming, and so are Alliance Wars. Special events are monthly and special Wanted Missions drop randomly, as do special Quests.

(Also: ‘bored’, ‘monotony’.)


It’s boring until lvl 23, cause that’s the point where you should have a full team of Max out 3* and 2 TC 13 running, the actual fun begins after lvl 23 when you have varieties of 3* and chances of 4*.


Lol, never used auto-play.
We have a lot of time, so why do i have to make it quicker?


Autoplay’s handy if you’re doing something else and you need to farm your monster chest. You can multi-task.