Getting back your account after reseting your phone

Hello everyone , one of my players needs to reset his phone because his game is stucking a bit while fighting titan , is he gone to have his account after reseting his phone ? Thanks for all the help

Did he link his account to the store or Facebook, or both? I don’t know if this entirely prevents data loss but it’s an easy precaution I would take just in case.

Are you sure he needs to entirely reset his phone? That seems like a last resort to me. How about checking to make sure he has the latest update first…

I need to ask him , but i say he does have it linked to his google play account , he hasnt got facebook so he is not linked there. He does have the latest update downloaded on his phone , we are sure that he needs a entirely reset

He should do the steps there.


Thanks Dante will pass that on to him , and thanks the rest for respawn

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