Getting attacked even while in-game

Is this a bug going on too?
I’ll be home in-game building levelling and a couple times just in map battling. Then suddenly afterwards a pop-up shows that I was attacked by someone. BUT I cannot attack them because it says they too are online in-game. Why am I their exception? They can attack me while I’m literally in-game, but I cannot attack them back while they’re in-game? This has happened more than once, and I’ve mentioned it to others who thought that I was “thinking” I was online in-game but “maybe I wasn’t. Don’t worry about this.” They say. Well I let it go, and wasn’t worried, but it’s still happening. And I AM NOT OUT OF THE GAME APP. There’s nothing I can do. DO I will not ask what shall I do, lol. I’m just stumped as to why I am unable to raid/revenge while they’re still online in-game, but they can do this while I am. Thanks for any help.

If you ate in the top 100 you can be attacked online.
The attacks could have started prior to you being online (i have receives up to 3 seperate notifications after being online)
Sometimes the game doesn’t count you as online while chattinh

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Is your network /wifi stable? It could be that your game is disconnecting while in a fight allowing them to attack (because it won’t boot you from a province fight at least) then reconnecting when you return to the main game screens

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An attack can last for 10 minutes if it times out so attacks up to that limit after you log in are working as intended since it only checks at start of an attack. Reasons may be because they had to answer a call or lay the phone down for a few minutes.

I sometimes have the game on but just checking chat now and then and while making some tea the phone locks. When I come back it probably is before the game asks me if I’m still here and it doesn’t need to reload but I’m those cases I may have been attacked once.

Just curious: are you in the top 100? :wink:

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Translation: I am the top 100 and they all attack me, it seems that you put my offer profile, there is no day that I do not attack about 50 players, which I can not avenge until they are disconnected and the rewards for revenge are laughter.

Estoy el top 100 y me atacan todos, parece que pongáis mi perfil de oferta, no hay día que no me ataquen sobre 50 jugadores, los cuales no me puedo vengar hasta que se desconectan y las recompensas por la venganza son de risa

If you are in the top 100, you can now be attacked even when you are online.

Your only saving grace is a good defensive lineup, or dropping below the Top 100.

Good luck!

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Rook, no. I am not in the top 100. I’m actually going on 2 weeks being in the game. Just reached XP level 11 a couple days ago, a little over half way near 12.
And I stay in game for quite awhile, working on levelling and such while waiting on flags for Titans. I’ve checked with our server various times Asking if there’s anything wrong with our connections and they affirm all is good. Even have went as far as to check in my device on their end to make sure it isn’t on my end. But nothing wrong is found. They’ve asked me to contact the site admins (or whoever runs the “site” I’m having probs in) since they cannot find anything wrong. Well, this is what I am trying to do here after informing some alliance and global members lol. They suggested I go here/open a ticket on this and the Bane issue. I’m hoping I am explaining this enough to where it’s understandable. Because while I am in game, I don’t leave it alone by setting it down or whatever, nor am I just doing nothing while on in game where it would have a reason to just shut me out. So I also do some province battles while I wait for a building upgrade too. Then I am thrown to the curb so someone can come in and attack. Then the most that happens is right after I’m done with a province, and 2x after I had finished a Titan battle, a window pops up saying I was attacked showing me by whom. And all I was doing was battling in a province it a Titan. Is that not active enough to keep me in game? I know I am nowhere near top 100 lol since I am this new to the game. Another reason I am very thankful for all the help I’ve been getting so far. EDIT: Correction. I’m just going on a little over 1 week in.

Oh and so I can clarify please… I am not complaining about being attacked in general. I am reporting about why I am able to be raided while I am online in-game. And to describe this best was when say I’ve went to do a revenge raid, and the other person is in-game online as well, the game doesn’t let me. So, why are others allowed to do the same with me, but not the other way around? I hope this makes sense. Because otherwise, if it was a by chance raid where I had just got booted or was inactive for X amount of time, SURE I could understand that. But this is not the case.

Thank you

Gosh I know that would frustrate me. It sounds like you’re doing everything right. Are you speaking with Game Support?:

Thank you.
Yes. I believe I did. I had to figure it out at first. Finally looked around and once I came across the links, I had a bit of a problem as to what link was the right one to use for this. Is there a way to check on the status.of a ticket?

I wish! Not yet. They respond to tickets in the order received. :slight_smile:

Oh ok. No biggie. I am sure they’re all real busy and all. I’m a patient person. Anywho, I will do what you suggested though, and keep building. I’m close to a SH 10 anyhow. That’s one step closer to the 13 you mentioned. I have to work for things too lol. Such is life haha. And thank you for the help. I really do appreciate it.

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Hola vito Yo no estoy en el top y a mi me atacan también estando en línea. Antes apenas recibí ataques y ahora a diario. Pero en fin que las cosas son como mandan los patrones. Por otro lado así es más aleatorio poder mantener un nivel de copas por no decir casi imposible…