Getting accustomed / General opinions – the game has changed to pay to play

I think there is a general fact about the game that must be discussed: the game has changed to pay to play. That is if you want to advance in the game. Costumes have now proven that we need to spend money to tweak our old heroes AND level the costume again, and a 10x summon costs 2600 gems, ouch (yeah 1.5% chance to get ur 5* is a big ouch)

The game has been releasing many new powerful heroes which are great, but if you want your tc20 heroes to follow the trend you must summon again and drop all ur cash hoping for a specific costume at the rate of 1.5% drop for a legendary hero? This is brutal.

In my experience: if you wanna get a costume you got get accustomed, because it is gonna cost you, and 98.5% chance you wont get your costume.

Costumes should have never come out like this, the way it is looks like a money laundry feature.
IMO they could have brought them like emblems, were everyone will get equal access (except for those shop emblems) to coins/tokens

Another question: did beta testers sign up for this? Or were they against the summoning portal for costumes?

What are your thoughts on the direction of the game?
What are your opinions on summoning prices for Atlantis, Events and now Costumes?


What’s the issue?

People spending money for costumes? Big whoop… People can spend $$$$$$ t get the newest and shinest hero…

But a F2P player can still best them…

All costumes has done is (imo) given some shinyness to the old dull S1 vanilla heroes.

No you’re not guaranteed to get them but can you really expect SG as a business to not give the option to people who want to give them money?


The issue is you have to spend twice to get any of these heroes, and that is plain stupid.
You can agree to drop cash load summoning a Lianna then drop cash AGAIN trying her costume, at the alarming 1.5% rate?
i just dont think it is smart and fair to the players. Especially those ftp, since all they got is tc20s. Now they will fall behind even further. But hey seems SG knows how to balance it, they lose ftp players and add a money spending feature. It all evens out
Smh :woman_facepalming:

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How is it unfair tho…? The costumes don’t change anything… A new hero is a new hero… Doesn’t change anything… The game still goes on and you can still play.

If someone wants to do that to get the shiny new costume, then so be it… It doesn’t change how the normal people play :slight_smile:

Put it this way, how does people spending lots of dollars affect how you play the game?
Personal answer, not much… Yeah they might have some different here’s who I raid against BUT it doesn’t change the fact that they’re a green hero or whatever… My team’s stay much the same… I’ll battle them, lose some sure but win others…

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In my opinion costumes were a good idea for f2p, they could improve the weak heroes and be more on pair, but still even worse than most paid heroes. Releasing the skins, I dont like the word costume and I think its dumb, with the same 300 gems to summons is just too greedy. If i am f2p why on earth I would now start spending, the same ammount to draw a costume that it demands me to already have the hero fully maxed if I could spend in challenges and get the new big powerfull heros PLUS a chance at a powerfull HOTM.

If you spend on skins you are dumb, being f2p, c2p or p2w. Of course there are some good skins but also there is some bad skins. Isarnia shines on giving -44% defense, why I would want to add only -33% defense? Is not her damage that counts… the only good thing is the +5% stats for the regular heroes, but this is almost nothing, she still doesnt even compare to athena who is average and gives -44% and more with time.


Please stay polite…to come to your question @Lunx : Yes. In beta several things were claimed about costumes. In the first try, you even needed the complete set from AMs as for normal heroes. This is reduced now and the final mats are not needed anymore to get to final tier. Also it was claimed, that a hero cannot be used twice (war and raids) but literally the devs are right. even with costume, it is still just one hero. summons never had good odds…here not as well. But to be honest SG still wants a game that brings them money. Giving improvements to your roster more or less for free can ruin a company. So I have understanding for them.

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Below is copy paste I wrote on another thread but applies here too…

*Relax guys… SG is a business so of course they are going to try making money… If people want to spend then so what?

Being real, do costumes change the way the game is played or behaves?
Personally my answer is no… A 5* legendary with +10 nodes and a costume is still a hero with a weak colour… I’ll still pick my team and go whack them for their cups, war or tournament… It doesn’t change anything just that it’s a new hero… I’ll lose some battles and win others… Nothing has changed…

People who’ve been F2P haven’t lost anything… People who are P2W haven’t gained anything… A new hero is a new hero… Each new HotM doesn’t end the world… The new challenge heroes haven’t changed the landscape of the game… It’s still a match 3 game where you’re in control of your bench and your wallet… Use them at your own peril and skill.*

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The problem for F2P and C2P is it will likely be nothing but a bunch of 3* and possibly a 4* that you own now, with a great chance that the 5* you get lucky on isn’t even one you own.

No thanks, it’s my guess this will get a lot of people leaving after they get ■■■■■ on a few pulls. I may be out soon as this joke sinks in.


What’s changed tho…???

You do pulls at your own risk… Thats always been the case… No reason for someone to leave the game… But of they do, then that’s still their choice.

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It annoys me just to read your messages. I will try only once to change your point of view, because I think this is the right thing to do.

They are still making tons of money, what they are doing with this, and the next path of valor, is being greedy. Yes, it hurts f2p because even regular heroes for them will be worst than for the p2w guys. Right now my lianna is the same as anyone else, but it wont be like that for those who spend. Not only they have new heroes, but now even old heroes will be better. That is a fact for you. Some heroes like Quintus, are really bad. In the past they used to buff some heroes to be slight better, not even once one hero became desired because of that, they just became a little better so f2p could enjoy the game a little, so the thing is, they created a problem with power creep, and they sell the solution, instead of improving the game. Also charging the same 300 gems to summon a skin, who depends on a previous RNG is too much gamble. Why waste trying to get a 5% better hero if you can get the new Finley who can wipe out the entire team? I am sorry but its dumb to spend on skins. I am still polite because I am not pointing fingers at anyone specificaly, just stating my point of view.

Also, doing this they make the game less f2p friendly and people will stop playing. I am one of those, that maybe stop playing in the near future. I really cant stand these greedy decision anymore. Another point of view is that even for p2w guys they are making so that if you stop spending you will fall behind, almost urging you too keep spending. Lots of companies do a WAY better and more complex game, and they charge like $60 bucks for the game. I dont want to support a company to keep making games that will demand you to spend a brand new phone every month just to be at the top of it. Also they suck at coding, I have played games where they change the opening picture almost every week, with new arts. They are releasing heroes like vodnik, the blue 3*, and even aegir, who are supposed to be monster, they cant even pay a good designer and develop new things, this disgusts me.

And now insert the jack sparrow meme: “Take what you can, give nothing back”. This should be SG motto.


But this is exactly my point… What does that change?

I go up against people in raids who have +14 emblem nodes… Are running 4500+ TP defences… I don’t have that kind of firepower or heroes but I still hit them… As I said, some I lose. More I win.

Nothing is changing tho in that regard.

To my knowledge (and someone can correct this) they’ve only released a couple of hero buffs. Very very few… This (I don’t think) was ever supposed to be a hero buffing exercise… Yes it may have that benefit but not the overall goal… Else, as you said, they picked some of the wrong heroes for that purpose.

I agree. I won’t be spending gems on spins at all. But Finley can and does get beaten… Same as these new heroes will be…

I’d.loke to pick up on this. Fall behind what? The top tier 1 players? Sure… But unless youre spending thousands a month you were never racing with them… Other P2W players? Well obviously, that makes sense… They keep spending, you don’t so you miss out on the new shiney heroes…
Personally I don’t think either of those matter… The game has been broken down into alliances… You find a group who play and think and act like you… You then get matched against titans and war opponents who are (more or less) of a similar level… It’s designed to cater to people of different levels while still keeping it fun at that level.

I’m not trying to be rude or disrespectful, just don’t understand how anything has really changed with this release… Yes spenders will spend by are you trying to compete in that top 1%? Personally I’m not.


But in this new costume summons I’m C2P and only have 2 of the 8 heroes that I could summon 5* costumes for. Never has there been a summons where you can pull something that will be unusable until a further hero summons or TC20 results can change.

A lot of F2P don’t even have 2 of the 8.

I’ll probably max the hawkmoon costume I got just to bide time and give this a chance but 3* isn’t much of an interest but 70% of costumes are going to be 3*?



What was the alternative?

Not even make 3* costumes.

How does that change anything?

3* are the most readily available hero that’s used in events and tournaments

Then 4* then 5* as the most rare

This says it all, they SELL us the solution, and it is quite expensive, another expensive lottery, just for the skin.
Of course i got the skins for Skittleskull and Hawkmoon! Vivica’s, Joon’s and Isarnia’s skin are up for grabs at the super extreme low %
There’s a 98.5% chance you will lose $100.00
And this is trying to upgrade your already maxed hero only 5% (and change its class)

I do not like the idea that they are SELLING the solution to power creep but it is true.

And I am a spender…but this is almost ripping my skin off.


Pretend that 3* are important if you want.

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Well… It’s kinda a fact…

Which heroes have the best odds of summoning in the portal, thus making them the most prevalent?

Which heroes are the first stepping stone in completing the maps?

Which heroes are the lowest tier in event challenges?

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The game keeps in the same direction.

Anything they do will keep increasing the differences. But it is pointless to compare a F2P vs a big spender.

It’s the same old same old bad argument that costumes will be abused by spenders to “anhilate” f2p c2p… same reality for the future is you’ll be fighting your own power level like usual. Your not falling behind, the games not ruined …but, like usual you won’t be at the very top by not spending.

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