Getting a message that I am offline when I go to attack in a raid

Trying to attack in raid and keep getting multiple information boxes that I am not connected. That said I am connected everywhere else in the game

Error Message:
{Connection error. This can be caused by using a proxy. Please check your networks ettings or try using a different network.}

Only with this guy I can attack everyone else.

I get that and it’s always from the poor wifi connection. When that happens try it without wifi or going in and out of the wifi at my home.

The first time I clicked on him I got a barrage of reasons why I was off line ? Every other character works fine and would not post save . Every reason has popped up for this guy only on why I cannot attack him

{same error message as above… SS removed due to Account ID being shown.}

This message means that the opponent you wanted to revenge is online. You cannot attack online players (until they are in top 100). You have to wait for them to finish what they are doing - when they are done and close the game, you will be able to revenge attack them again.


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