Getting 3 silver tokens and a chainmail vest from Elemental Chest is distasteful

I don’t normally make whine posts like this, but this chest just broke the camel’s back looking extra pathetic. The only item of value was a Sturdy Shield. And I’ve got plenty of them. I really counted on a Golden Token or a 4* ascension item :<

These chests are so rare. They used to be extra fun when I started playing, always giving 3 golden/troop tokens and 2 unfarmable ascension items. It was something to be excited about and over the past few months I’ve gotten 1 troop token out of them. No hero tokens. All silver garbage.

But I’ve never had a bloody chainmail vest as an icing on the cake.

Seeing 3 silver tokens and a farmable ascension item taking ascension item spot inside is just gross and leaves a stinky rat fur taste in the mouth :frowning:


I had scabbard and chainmal in a green chest once. 2 garbage and 1 troop token. It was so discouraging but I am not playing for so long that I never enjoyed the nice rare chests you experienced in the past :-/

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My last Elemental Chest was EXACTLY like that. A sturdy shield, a scabbard, a miracle scroll, 3 daily summon tokens, 30 gems. I keep the screenshots. My alliance agreed that you can not fall any lower than that. But from the chests they post, I know that it is actually possible to get better results (my best friend got 2 epic hero tokens from a purple chest a week ago).
I hope both of us get a much better luck next time!

Since december 1st I got 18 elemental chest, 37 silver tokens, 11 heroes and 6 troup tokens.
2 4* items (one tabard and on damas blade)
6 hidden blades
4 study shields
3 trap tools
1 warm cape
From heroes token I only got Natalia, from toups I got two 4* troups

On same period my brother got 10 chests, 28 silver tokens and 2 heroes tokens :slight_smile:
2 telescopes
1 ring
6 study shields
2 trap tools
2 hidden blades
2 warm capes
1 orb

8 chest less but same amount of items on the period, 2 per month. For tokens difference is bigger but finally 1 5* one one side with 0 4* against 0 4*. That’s really few. Each time I’m very excited to open the chest and it ends every time on the same way. Frustration.

We don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone, do we? A not farmable ascension item as a reason for feeling disapointed…

No, I actually have received worse than yours, 1 battle manual and 1 chainmail shirt from the dark chest last week :frowning:

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My alt is running for worst elemental chest ever, a month ago:


two days ago, I had boxes ice. I win only, gloves ;/

Compared to guaranteed 2 such items and 3 useful tokens? Yeah, it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed - when I first started playing in July, both the ascension items drops in elemental chests were always un-farmable and the tokens never silver. It changed for the worse somewhere along the winter (probably when they realized that more endgame players weren’t spending money on heroes anymore but instead troops and chest skipping).


I don’t remember when I did the last summon with gems in this game. After I do some 3x10 summons and received only garbage I decided that is better to wait to get heroes from tc20 and use only tokens for summon. Skipping chests, buying refills and my account get stronger with this tactic. And no money involved since then.(only monthly vip pass)

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“Always unfarmable and never silver… o.O”

:o now I’m happy if it gets me at least 1 unfarmable. I’ve lost the hope in finding golden tokens in there.

La verdad q este juego es bueno pero me es frustrate no poder obtener heroes de 5 estrellas es un asco q tenga tener targeta de credito para comprar gemas seria mejor si fuera con saldo

I got a trash like that yesterday in a chest of nature, not a single material of non-cultivable ascension, 20 gems and 3 coins a day, it is indescribable the face of a fool who left me when I opened the chest …

After getting 2x tall boots, then a scabbard and a compass… I don’t even bother speeding up my chests anymore and have pretty much given up on the raid chest as well. Not worth the frustration. The lack of 4 star ascension items outside of purchase packs is turning me off.

I got two troop tokens today from a green chest…but i know the next one will be again in 1-2 months as usual by my acc…it was a good start of the day, until i went to summon…:joy: :joy:

The same for me,
20 gems, a clown nose, a red lipstick and orange wig. I have to figure out how I can use this.


My favourite post if the day. That’s a wit as dry as a fine white wine.

More like vinegar than wine in how it cuts to the truth.

  1. I feel your pain.
  2. I mostly agree.
  3. It’s not that bad. You did get a shield and by all accounts that’s a rarity. I’ve opened elemental chests without a single ascension mat. Now THAT hurts.
  4. I’ve been tracking all my chests and mats since January and I can confirm that the mats have decreased in frequency GREATLY !

It’s not a rant, just reassuring the devs that this is still an issue. I mean, what are you afraid of ? That’s we’ll all be walking around with scores of 5*s totally maxed ? lol

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