Gettin' It Done looking for 5 players

Gettin’ It Done is recruiting!

We are a helpful and active group looking for a few more members. We straddle the line between casual and serious. If you hit Titans (9*/10*) daily, use all your flags in war, and don’t ignore chat you’ll fit right in.

We have a wide range of player power, with our defense TP in war ranging from 3600 - 4450. We are looking for more people in diamond tier who have a decent amount of 4* and 5*s for war. We are fairly casual with Titans but take war pretty seriously. Missing war flags is subject for boot but you can always opt out of war if you like. Must be willing to use Line for strategizing as well.

We don’t expect everyone to be awesome at everything, we just ask that you be active and try your best :). We know life happens so just let us know if you’re going to be out of the game for awhile.

Communication and sense of humor is a must. This is not an alliance for the easily offended, or those who like to excessively complain about rigged boards. We just like to joke around and help each other while consistently improving our gameplay. Line app required.

:sunny: If this sounds like a good fit request an invite in game. We look forward to playing with you!:sunny:

Note: We are an English speaking alliance but have language set to Portuguese to allow for uncensored swearing in game chat :wink:

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