Get started with GAME OVER


GAME OVER is an active, friendly alliance with fun, mature players seeking to help each other progress through the game and kill some titans!! 800 trophy requirement. Currently on a 5* titan, consistently get 5-6*. Come play with GAME OVER


Current titan 5*, 15+ hours and 455k damage remaining!!


Brand new titan just started!! 5*, 535k damage and 20 hrs remaining!!

5 openings. Looking for players who want to join alliance :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! We are currently full. Will update if any openings emerge.

Have fun!


One spot just opened up!

We have 20hrs left on a 4*titan, but we will plow through that pretty quickly. Join up to catch the next titan!


We are currently full. Will be posting when we have another opening.

Have fun out there


One opening available! Just defeated a 5* titan, 5 hours until a new one appears


All filled up for now!

Have fun everyone


Hey all!! We need one more player to fill up our alliance!!!

Minimum 800 trophies. 6 and 7 star titans. Hoping to get our first 8* soon.

Fun, and helpful. We just ask that you stay active and give a heads up if you might miss a titan!


Alliance full

Thanks all!


Hi all!!

3 spots open! Consistently beat 7* titans and inconsistently beat 8* :slight_smile:

We are a friendly, mature group who like to play in our free time. Preference for teams at or above 3000 team power, but if you are welcome to join if you are committed to powering up your team! We will do our best to help you level up :slight_smile: If your team is under the requested power level, just let us know that you are working to level your team in your request to join!