Get rid of that stupid raid timer. It is pointless


I had ANOTHER matched finished and in the bag (they had one hero less than 50% health, I still had all of mine), put my phone done for a moment to finish a conversation, left the game up and screen on, picked it back up to see “Defeated” pop up on my screen. This is ludicrous and inexcusable.

The total lack of transparency and warning for players is unacceptable. It is mind blowing that a person cannot finish a casual raid and will loss without a single bit of warning.

Let me know when a raid energy flask is in my inbox, because I’m sick of this.

EDIT: FYI, I had my phone right next to me on a charger, and the screen didn’t even turn off. How is this reasonable. The ONLY… the ONLY reason I’ve seen it proposed is circular.

“We put a timer on it so long matches wouldn’t be long.”

Uh… no. I’ll take my trophies and a raid flask please.

EDIT: One more thing… this was implemented to prevent “overly defensive teams” from lasting too long… well guess what I was running 5 damage dealers, no healers, and it’s really just screwing over people that stop to do anything in the middle of a match.

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