Get rid of raids

Raiding is really frustrating until you learn some important lessons about strategy (but you’ll need some depth in your roaster - color stacking is one of the keys to success). Watch some YouTube videos. Composing your team right and playing the board right will enable you to beat much stronger opponents, against the odds, and that’s sooo satisfying :smiley:


Let me see if I have this right. Your position is: “I’m not good at raids, so I don’t like them… therefore, nobody else should be allowed to do raids!”

Is that about right? :slight_smile: I have an alternate suggestion: keep raids - they are an important and fun part of the game. :smiley:

Good gaming!


I’ll be constructive here.

I used to hate raids. But I got some good advice from game long timers.

I actually just made a post about this recently you can check it out here (below).

Read through the post that I linked to with my original post about how I hated raids. If you still have questions, @ me and I will do what I can I help.

Raiding sucks at the beginning but it is now my favorite part of the game.


I used to find raids really frustrating when I first started. Then I developed some more depth in my roster, started stacking colors instead of raiding rainbow, learned how to ghost tiles, and learned how to tailor my attacking team to counter my opponent’s defense team. Now I routinely raid into top 100 globally, and have hit #1 several times.

Let me find you some links to some of the raid guides that helped me.


Here’s the first one. This is more tailored to players in the gold and platinum tiers, but the principles are the same in silver or diamond too.


This one is a summary of how the raid system actually works and how trophies are calculated


This is a primer on team composition
(Getting the most out of your heroes)


I think we all try raids before our teams and board skill are up to raiding. It seems daunting and impossible and it’s something that’s almost scary to do.

Then you begin to read defences, acquire and level more heroes, understand their complimentary skills, read boards, play odds, turn bad boards… it’s a match 3 game so it seems like it should be simple… but it’s waaaay more complex than it first appears.

I first broke into the top 100 at level 33. At level 34 I got to #2 globally. By level 40 I was routinely popping into the top 10. At level 55 I can take a run at #1 any time I want, but realistically it’s not that exciting once you do it a couple times so I just use raids to fill my chests. I usually go 6 for 6 and fill chests fast now.

I’m not an exceptional player. I don’t have all the best heroes. I just played the game a lot and gained experience and learned a lot from hundreds or thousands of failures.

No team scares me any more so much that I’ll reroll. I have about an 85-90 percent win rate across all tank colours (I run exclusively mono) - That percentage is still slowly inching up as I learn more and add one hero here or there (I mostly build heroes for titans or 3/4 star tournaments now, unless I get lucky and pull a HotM or event hero)

You can do all this too. It just takes time, patience, team building and skill development.

It’s not the boards. It’s your incomplete team and lack of experience. Both are fixable. Not easily. And not quickly, but fixable nonetheless.

Good luck. Talk to me in 6 months and tell me how raids are. If you’re still playing, I bet they’re something you’re good at by then.


My big issue with raids is the inequity in the +/- values. I was raised overnight one night and lost over 400 trophies. I did revenge on all of them and beat all of them. However, I only gained back 160 trophies. Last night, I had 4 victories that netted me 49 trophies. The players each did revenge early this morning and I had lost a total of 193 trophies. Why the huge inequity? If a player does revenge, they should recoup the number of trophies lost and only that amount. Otherwise, players who have experiences like mine, aren’t getting revenge but merely slapping the opponent across the hand. I like raids and have a good team, but it almost makes not want to raid because of the potential to lose 4 times as many trophies as I lost if the opponent does revenge!!

If you netted 49 from your 4 raids you are raiding below your level (typically). 25-30 cups per raid and you are raiding around an equivalent level. Many players re-roll opponents until they match up with someone that can provide 40-50 for the single win, a very common tactic but leaves you with a lower cup return on revenges. You do not have to revenge these players and can search for ones that give you a larger cup return for your flag. The raid cup system is quite balanced overall, but for a bit of food, like anything, the system can be used to your advantage. I raid in platinum and usually search my revenges for 30 cups or more. I’ll only go for the 10-20 cup revenges if they offer decent resources. Beyond that I just look for fun teams that offer a challenge to test my skills.
(just wait until the times you push high on the leaderboard and then go to bed, the list the next day can be painful lol)


I have a better idea: make it possible to opt-out of raids.


Just don’t attack and you’re opted out at the amount of cups which your def will be able to hold.

I’d even like an additional PvP live feature…


Wow, I expected to open this thread and find that raids are boring because they’re too easy to win and that some modification / replacement feature is in order.

OP, I’m sorry you find raids frustrating and difficult. If you play the game long enough and work to improve your roster and skills, that will change. I’d suggest you take a few videos and post them on the forum for feedback. You may not enjoy being judged, but you will get feedback that will help improve your hero selection, tile movement, and special usage.


Cups are irrelevant. Raid for resources. I reroll until I get at least 16k iron.

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Raids are a part of the game. Keep working at it. Wars on the other hand need to be changed. There should NOT be an immortal defense lineup. Same rules as offense. A defender may only be used once, same as offense. Dead is dead. Wars would take on a whole different spin under those conditions. Defenders already get help anyway.

Welcome to the forum @lunaticfringe60.

Not sure about your suggestion, of having to change a defeated defense team in Alliance Wars - sounds complicated :confounded:.

You already have enough to think about when choosing an attacking team from your remaining heros. :thinking:

Raids for fun(rage) from time to time I waste 100 gems to keep raiding, just for playing a little longer

Sorry was just throwing that idea out there. Why should the defense be allowed to keep the same team for every battle when the offense cannot. Once the hero dies offense OR defense, they should need to be replaced for the remainder of the war. In other words, offensive heros may only be used once in a war. Why not the same rules for defensive heros? Just saying

That’s a whole different topic—let’s stay on raids here.

Wow didnt think I’d get hit with this many replies but good advice from all. I guess I’ll just need to work on my strategy but right now for me, yeah, raids are aggravating as hell.

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