Get rid of chests

Meaning no gold plat. diamond. Or the A B C rank you get from titian. As it is random. I have gotten better chest from a C grade then i have from a A grade. Do away with it or fix it please

It works the way it’s supposed to. Each type of chest, and each tier of titan loot, has a certain number of chances to give various sorts of rewards. The higher the chest, and the higher the loot tier, the more/better chances you have to receive more/better loot. But it still has a RNG component, so sometimes a Silver chest will give better loot than a Gold chest, and sometimes tier VI titan loot will be better than tier X titan loot. However, in the long run, getting the higher chest/tiers will result in more/better loot. You just have to be patient, and understand that the odds are against any one particular reward being what you want.

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What a stupid idea. Seriously? Ive gotten loot from all levels. Gold to diamond. Theyre all mostly garbage.
Heroes chest is constantly bland at best.
100 Heroes is hit or miss.
Titans is 80% garbage. 4*-9* . few lucky drops. Ranks dont really seem to matter. Ive gotten more 3* ascension mats from being B and under than being A/A+.

Seems like you think the higher the hero chest, the better the rewards.
IMHO, mystic vision is the best. Aside from not getting emblems.

yes there should be some progression of reward but don’t see it. although very rare ascension toy would be really nice but unlikely, Gold tokens and trainers are real nice rewards and I don’t think would unbalance the game. I only wish SG would listen. rewards help the morel. bad rewards turn people off. When u get baggage wood sword and a sliver token for completing season 1. a few gold and at least a 4* ascension item would have been just reward

Loot is random

Tiered loots offer more loot, but doesn’t guarantee better loot

Theoretically, has been proven by data as well i believe and will find links soon, that the more loot you see then the better loot you accumulate over time

While every A+ loot roll won’t be great and every diamond chest won’t be spectacular, they do seem to add up over time

It took a lot of ranting, raving, and dealing with worse mat drops to get the chests and mat opportunities we have, i really don’t want to see all of that undone and reverted back to 2017


This is my def team i offer.the reward chests are ■■■■ near the same! I wouldnt do this if i gained more in platinum! Its the same ■■■■ dude. I run stready platinum. Im only going for the chest.

2 threads where data has been collected and not assumed


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