Get in contact with other forum members


Just tried to get in contact with my co-leader via this forum. Thought it must be possible as the chat with the robot. But i cannot send a message to a specific member. Would be a nice idea!


If you know their forum name you can always tag them so they get a notification.

Just typ the @ and their name.

Like @Sorsha


Hi Fledoble,

where to typ their name? I went to my Avatar Icon and click the “message” Icon then.
I can see only my old notes from the SG Robot but cannot send a new message…that was the same problem for my co-leader. We did not find anything to send a new message. I found him under the other Forum menbers but cannot contact him.



You type it in any post you make, and they will get a notification that a post has been made referring to them through the forum software, similar to a reply alert.


OK. Now I see what you mean. But I want this without complete Forum seeing my post. I think its quite nice that the post get to my mail account without sharing my e-mail addess. So that’s my idea. Send messages to only one menber by using his Avatar name but don’t share any privat mail accounts…as I could answer the robots message. Know what I mean?

Messaging allience members suggestion

As far as I know, moderator or higher status is needed to use the private message functions on these forums. Everyone else is limited to public posting.


…but maybe this can be implemeted? That’s why I opened this topic :grin:


It could be as simple as a
@Sorsha, contact me on LINE-ID xyz, need to talk” or setup a dummy-email for the purpose.

And when contact is established, delete the post. Crude workaround, but still :slight_smile:

I think private messaging is a feature that creates more problems than it solves. Imagine the crazy moderation needed for it?


How do I write suggestions? Found no area settings etc. thought would be easy


Keep on reading the forums for a while, and the software will upgrade your privilege level to allow you to make new topics.
The requirements are:

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts