Get a reroll rating for raids?

It would be cool if we could see how many times players were re-rolling when we came up in the raid selection stack… Might be a decent indicator of when you are getting your defense set up right if people start constantly passing you by? Maybe even get a share of the reroll cost? Sure, not getting raided is an indication of that… Or does it just mean you haven’t been coming up in the deal stack? Hmmmmm? I still think it would be a neat thing to know.

It could be deceptive though. I reroll all the time because the cups aren’t worth it. If I’d get fewer than 20 cups with a win, I reroll automatically. Don’t even look at the D team


Just because you do that doesn’t mean everybody does… Didn’t say it was perfect… But could be an indicator if you make a change in your team and suddenly your rating goes spastic.

Yeah but if he’s rerolling looking for cups… and others are rerolling looking for food or iron… and others are rerolling because they suspect you might be cup dropping… or rerolling because you have a blue tank and they don’t have a solid green bench… or maybe they just accidentally pressed reroll when they meant to raid you… etc.

I just judge my defense team based on how well it holds cups when I’m offline. If I’m constantly losing cups, I switch it up. If I log on and see that I’ve gained cups, I assume I must be doing something right. :smile:

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