German easygoing alliance "Fire Dragon" recruiting active players, 1400 🏆 +

Hi guys and girls

In our alliance “Fire Dragon” are way too much open spots. :wink: [18 / 30]

So if you like to join us, feel free to do so. Players with more than 1400 trophies are appreciated, players with more than 1200 are also welcome. If you join us, please make sure to regularly attack the titan and participate in the war.
Longer times inactive with a previous signing off are no problem at all. Our alliance is open to join. Most of us play regularly, so no worries about to find our alliance dead, we’re just not enough to fight other alliances with 28 players in the war. We’ll love to see some of you in our alliance soon.

Thanks and happy joining!

Elder by Fire Dragon

Lust auf ein Gespräch dann gebt mir doch mal euren lineid…meine wäre onelife1603

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Oke, habe dich hinzugefügt.

Sorry hats nicht geklappt. Viel Glück bei der weiteren Spielersuche!

12 spots to fill… Anyone?

11 spots empty [19 / 30]

still 11 spots empty [19 / 30]

10 spots to fill [20 / 30]. Anyone?

7 spots empty… Small alliance (up to 5 players) is also welcome to join.

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