German Alliance - ⭐ Witches Cauldron - has a few spots for active players

Witches Cauldron

We are a helpful, drama-free group of experienced players.
If you are active daily, have 1800 trophies and want to grow further with a motivated team, then come join us.

:dragon: daily Titan fights
:crossed_swords: use all attacks during war

we even have :cookie::cookie: and :coffee:

Join us at Witches Cauldron

‘…double, double, toil and trouble
fire burn and cauldron bubble…’

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Still have some slots for motivated players

One last opening for an active teamplayer…
Join us

Real life strikes again!
And so, as real life has caused several players to leave us, we are, once again, looking for 5 active teamplayers to join us.
Want to make a 10* titan cringe? Join us!
Want to make the war opponent tremble in their boots? Join us!

Witches Cauldron - grab your broom and join us!

Bumping :slightly_smiling_face:

Still a couple of spots available.

:star: Witches Cauldron :star:

Are you still looking for someone? I’m an active player looking for a more active alliance.

Hi Rheysia! Sorry, but our last open spot is reserved for a long time member that needed a short break for real life. He will probably be joining us again today.

That being said - do you understand German? As our in game communication is all in German. If so, I can contact you if we do have an opening at some point, if you are still interested in joining.

Hi Witch! Totally understandable and yes I would be interested in joining. German is no problem, I am from Germany but keep it in English here due to Forum rules.

Okay, Rheysia - I will get in touch with you as soon as we have an open spot.

Hi Rheysia, ( and of course everybody else who is interested )

we currently have two open spots, if you are interested, please check us out.

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