[GER] *FreeSpirits* is looking for german-speaking reinforcements (homepage available)

Ladies and gentlemen,

we are the German speaking alliance FreeSpirits - a quite active alliance with a very good atomsphere, and the ambition to improve ourselves permanently and climb up the ranking ladder. We always support each other and provide many tips e.g. regarding raid defense teams, war tactics, game mechanics and much more.

We are not only hosting our own homepage containing an overview of all our alliance members, but also…wait for it: An online chat color tool - It can be used to transform your normal chat messages into color gradient artworks :grinning:

Here you can find our homepage: FreeSpirits Homepage

Our alliance’s men-to-women ratio is at 50:50 and every now and then we are looking for tough german-speaking (sorry for that :sweat_smile:) girls and boys to join and support us.
We are literally eating 7* titans an using 8* titans for training/regeneration of our titan energy (but sometimes it even goes down anyways :rofl:).

If you are german-speaking and an very active player please don’t hesitate to request an invite for our alliance * FreeSpirits *.
Please also feel free to contact our leaders schnurri1290 and matze1312 via Line Messenger.

We’re looking forward to welcome you soon!

Your team from * FreeSpirits *

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Still looking for the ONE person :grin:

There are now two free slots. When you’re an active player we’d like you to join and have some fun with us :grin:

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There is another two free slots available :slight_smile:

Danke , für eure Website. Der Chat Color tool ist sehr praktisch. :-):grinning:

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