Generate Adventure Kit - other farmable materials

Yeah, basically what the title says. Adventure Kit / Backpack, I’m calling it the same.

Since the advanced houses can now generate recruits (which is a fantastic addition to the game!!) what about a building that would generate some backpacks or other farmable 1/2* materials?

Not necessarily a lot of backpacks, but would be good to sustain our TC2s. For instance gettin 1 backpack / hour, etc

I guess tc11 Is the sustainable tc2?

SG probably don’t want to make it too easy!

TC11 is every 2 hours, TC2 every 30 minutes. I don’t really think giving 1 backpack per hour will break the game or change anything much to be honest. It would actually free the grind a bit (which a lot of players complain about) to do quests, map progression etc with your WE.

People will level their heroes regardless and power leveling is a thing - you see new heroes maxed in raids 24 hours after they are available. A couple automated backpacks is not going to break the game if this hasn’t. It’s just to alleviate the grind a bit to be honest.