General thought on my current roster as a whole

Just would like feedback from anyone with thought on the best method to getting to a serious competitive Level with what I have .

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Ok. You have a very decent roster with several HOTM, good healers, snipers, all hitters and some decent tanks… there are also game changers in there like Wilbur and Wu Kong.
My advice at this point would be for you to focus on levelling heroes of 3* and 4* and work your way up to 5*. Don’t spread yourself too thinly.
This game should be treated more like a marathon rather than a sprint race. Good luck


Thank you. Patience is a virtue As they say. ■■■■. Why can’t that ever stick with me:)

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Might need a five star purple later on. Long term defense could feature Rana Marjana Evelyn Frida and Sabina

Agree with taking your time. Also suggest pulling back on the summons for a while, you’ve got heaps to work on right now

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This is my PATIENCE. 6 DAYS
What is 6 days?
Right now I can hold 2440000 in food
Farms at level 20 hold 116000 food (5300 per hour)
116000÷5300 = 21.89 hours round up 22 hours
116000 × 9 is 1044000 × 2 is 2088000
This is what I do to get my food almost full then I do 22 more hours. That’s 3132000 in food

This gets me almost 700 feeders in TC19

6 days or pay with gems to fill your food I choose to be PATIENCE. This game is a marathon without a doubt.

You are going to need alot of food and feeders with the roster of characters you have.

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I was gonna post this also. You have some very great heroes and good diversity. Now you have to make them shine, aka, level them :rofl:.
Your 3* bench could get some love if you want to complete/compete in challenge events or in raidT.
Otherwise, it depends on what titan you are hitting. If you are hitting low star titan, a 3/60 Jackal might survive 1-2 hits. But if you fight higher star, i would consider maxing him as he has such low defense, he can’t survive much. And if he dies, he can’t fire his skill.
I would consider stopping your Evelyn at 4/2 to level Melendor. Same goes for Rigard. Having multiple healers is important during war.
The Ranvir/Wu question depends on titan and events. Wu can be used in 2 tiers of events while Ranvir only one. Depends if you need him or not to complete Epic tier or if you want to compete.

Great roster !
And have fun :partying_face:

Finish Wu, Jackal, Wilbur, and falcon. You’ll love green and purple titans as much as I do. I personally can’t scold anyone about unfinished heroes really. Looks like my roster.

Rigard and Caedmon, too.

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Thanks guys for the as always great info. I agree about holding back on the summons . Main point obviously Being to focus on what I have. I did two 10 pulls this month in hopes of pulling seshat . Being that dark 5* keeps eluding me in completing a rainbow 5 team.


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