General Suggestions

I like this game and have frequently been buying gems to grind through levels to obtain materials. One particular material I feel that its drop rate can be increased is the ‘Adventurer’s Kit’. I can barely obtain enough with the refills that I’m buying, let alone free-to-play players.

I understand a certain business direction but not at the expense of players imo. This is a game of endless combinations, so why restrict so much on the drop rates or monetary offers on cards and ascension materials?

Many players have left the game feeling the angst of not having even a 5 star hero after weeks of waiting. An algorithm could probably be introduced to let people have an increased chance of what they need, just like Elemental Summons.

Ideas could even expand to having PvE Alliance Raids in Dungeons or Special Bosses that requires more teamwork.

I think I speak what’s in the minds of many others and hope to see an improvement to the game before people starts leaving.

Vorschläge: ich fände es toll wenn man mehrere Gebäuden gleichzeitig erweitern bzw ausbauen könnte. Außerdem würde es vieles erleichtern wenn die Aufbauzeiten nicht so lang wären, des Weiteren wäre es für viele Spieler bestimmt schön wenn seltene Gegenstände zum aufleveln der Gruppen leichter zu bekommen wären

2 Gebäude gleichzeitig geht ja, wenn man einen VIP Zuschlag bezahlt hat. Der Rest ist - glaube ich - Absicht

Gebäude Ausbauen sollte es heisen…

Mine level 5 for Adventurer’s Kit. That’s what I do. And occasionally make common recruits to use up swords.

Weeks without a 5*? I do not spend much, but in 4 months have not seen one. Will not happen until my Stronghold and Training Camps are at level twenty. That by itself takes how many weeks? months?

If you had a 5* it would probably be of little use. I still have 17 3* waiting to be leveled up fully and only one 4* has the material to fully ascend. This, out of 57 heroes. The game is made to go through a progression. Something will always be in short supply. Trying to jump ahead will only make it worse.

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