General slowness at certain time

From a long time I’ve noticed that at 7:00 UTC+2 and 23:00 UTC+2 the game is lagging/unplayable for a minute or 2. That not seems like a long time but that’s the time I wake up/going to bed and trying to do my titan’s hits is just nightmare. I’m using iPhone 7 32GB. Thank you.

I too have noticed a lagging, but I figured it was my device or just my family suddenly all doing something at same time causing the lagging. Lol I’ll start checking the exact times now. I wish you luck in discovering hay this is occur get.

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I was thinking the same that this is from the device but I’ve tried several other apps and the device itself wasn’t lagging at all. It’s only E&P and was wondering is it some sync timer kicking in or something like that.

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