General question regarding raids — How many times in one minute can a person(team) get hit during raids?

How many times in one minute can a person(team) get hit during raids?

there is no answer to this as there are thousands if not millions of players. I never keep track but sometimes my list is quite long for just 3-4 minutes of being raided.


Ok that’s all I’m asking…thank you…

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I think there are no limits.

Because the attacks are not serial but simultaneous.

Only the RNG decides who you are assigned to from your Cup area.
This can then decide when he attacks you.

It happens most when you hit a certain amount of cups.

If I am over 2700 cups now I usually come back to one of these long lists. Usually not very pretty. Lots of red…

Thank you . Its irritating when you can’t hit because they are online. Then you recieve a notification that you have been raided 4 or 5 times. But then get raided when I’m off line and see that I was hit 5 or 6 times in the same minute. But as long as everyone else is getting the same tratment …its all good

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you are not alone…haha

+1 to the above discussion…

I’ve often been in the top 10 then switch apps briefly and get absolutely hammered by like 20+ people in under 2 minutes

Top 100 can be hit while in game.

Only revenges :slight_smile: Can’t be hit unless you hit them first :stuck_out_tongue:


@zephyr1, pls confirm that any player in top 100 is open to all types of attacks, and this can happen whether the player (top 100) is in game or off line.

I’ll await his confirmation but I’m 100% certain that it’s only open to revenges…

personally when I’ve been all the way up there the only time that I managed to roll someone who is higher than me is when they’re offline… Comes up when you tap on their player card and says “last active: xx minutes ago”

The Support website says:

Generally, you cannot attack a player while they are online. However, if a player has attacked you before you came online, the results of the battle will be applied when the battle finishes.

Additionally, if you are in the Top 100 Global Leaderboard, it is possible for other players to revenge you while you are online.



I stand corrected

for know lol. Sure that I have been hit by others in that situation, but will have to take pix next time I got too many cupz.

Thankz, @zephyr1

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