General game questions for more experienced players

So, I’ve now been playing for about 2.5 months and still don’t understand some concepts of this game. Please enlighten me if you have the time…I’m still having fun playing and will continue to do so, don’t get me wrong, I just need someone else’s perspective.

  1. What’s the point of the player’s “experience” level ? I mean, do you get anything extra/different than others at certain intervals ? Or is it simply an aesthetic number. So far, all it tells me is about how much time a player has been farming the game, as it is in fact not a true indication of a player’s experience level. In my opinion. So, what’s the deal…

  2. Is there a point to actually completing all provinces ? It seems to me like you can do just fine by simply farming the same few over and over again. And considering that completing the game is not a true milestone in itself (as nothing of any significance really happens) the thought of going through and spending world energy in the latter province(s) is not really compelling to me. I mean, I might still do it when I have nothing better to do, who knows…

  3. Leveling up your stronghold to lvl 20 ? What’s the big fuzz ? Most of the posts I’ve seen seem to indicate that those training camps aren’t really producing high-end (3* and above, even legendary) heroes are some thought it would. Do any of you find an extreme value to having this level 20?

  4. What’s the point of having attack statistics in their profile if healers don’t actually attack per se ? Or is that in reference to the same colored gems when the hero is being used ?

  5. The HOTM, are these in fact new heroes or have these been around in the past ? Is this the only way to acquire them ? Is that why they’re so special to some ?

I’m writing this on the fly and didn’t go back to proof read, sorry. Thanks in advanced…I’m sure I missed others that I thought of in the past so I may update it again.:muscle:

  1. As you level up, you get more world energy flags to use. You also get a higher team cost, or whatever it’s called.
    Basically, each hero has a value in your team, 3* heroes have higher than 2*, 4* are higher than 3* etc. A 4* hero on their second ascension tier is worth more than a 4* on their first tier and so on. The sum of those values can’t exceed what’s allowed at your player level, I think it’s to regulate overspending/make sure players are actually working hard to get to the top/deter from using cheats or hacks etc to bag heroes you shouldn’t, I dunno, that’s what changes with your level anyway.

  2. You don’t have to finish the map if you don’t want to, but some later levels are good for farming crafting materials, and giving a better player exp return to help with point 1. If you care about the storyline then go for it but it’s a massive let down, there’s no sweet bonus waiting at the end.

  3. Absolutely yes. TC 20 is your only shot of getting 5*s without hanging on for the rare lucky tokens or paying through the nose. Forge levels 18 and 19 will give you the two most powerful battle items available, by a country mile.

  4. Yeah the attack stat relates to tile damage. Also in raid defence, it dictates the strength of their slash attack they use every couple turns.

  5. They’re available for one month only, although SG are talking of coming up with a way to roll out previous HOTM for players who weren’t around for their first run.

Hope that wasn’t too much gibberish.


Why do I sometimes lose items/recruits when I reduce the number of recruits in the training camp?

I was going to reply, then I read what @MantisToboggan wrote, so now I don’t have to.

You can only recover food and recruits by cancelling trainings from your training queue if you have space in your barracks and food storage for both. If you don’t have enough space, then cancelling a training will flush both the food and recruits .


Not gibberish at all. All points well taken. I was aware of some of them but I guess I just needed someone else to come out and say it. :slight_smile: Thanks a bunch…

I think it would be kinda cool to have access to some of those previous months heroes…

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Well Mantis did a great job! Also I agree on having a new chance to get HOTM again would be awesome.


Mantis summarized it well!
Just adding a few more thoughts

1: As your flags refill by leveling up its very usefull to do so while fighting titans.

2: Completing Season 1 might be a prerequisite for playing Season 2.

3: SH20 also opens up the last land slots to build on.


Levelling up also provides the occasional 5 increase to hero cap

  1. This is very true, I just did this yesterday to get in 6 hits on a titan. Totally forgot about it…
  2. Interesting…

specifically tc20 opens up the 9th farm and 4th training camp. tc helps level heroes faster (or train multiple legendary trainings and still have tc for leveling). and at high levels food is always welcome (final ascensions, troops, research, etc).


How can we cancel trainings? I only see three options: train, skip and more ( to move it)

Thank your Brobb :slight_smile:

Hit the minus button

Hit train, at the top it will say “training 3” or whatever, with +/- icons, just tap the - until it goes down to 1. If you abort the 1 in training you won’t get the resources back

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OMG. So easy and i was waiting a lot in order to get more recruits for TC20. I feel like a noob xD. Thanks both

TC 20 also produces 4* heroes much more reliably than TC13 at a similar cost. From research posted elsewhere on the board, TC20 seems to produce 5* heroes one time in 16, 4* heroes three times in 16, and 3* heroes otherwise.


If you were to graph out the xp gains on the map you would notice peaks and valleys on flag upgrades. IE: When going from 4 flags to 5 flags the province on the map just before the switch will be your biggest bang for your buck such as 13.6, 17.1, 20.4 etc. If your looking for fast leveling those are the best you can get and of course ends with the final stage being the best. Also like to add if your looking for the best ascension items while grabbing large xp gains 16.9 is better then 17.1 as it has 4 stages instead of 3. More stages their are the larger the ascension item count. Hope that helps!


Very nice and interesting thread with lots of information. Thank you!

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The exp levels for each province and quest are in Mai’s “loots and stats” google doc.

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