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Hi I am KHunter. I was wondering if there is anyway to share resources with fellow alliance members?

Hello KHunter. Unfortunately there’s no way at this time to share resources, items, or heroes in the game. Unless you can get them to raid you! :wink:

Hi, I’m Crazy1 in xvoid -Nimbus alliance, curious about my Lady Locke who before the current update was 676 power, now she is 680 at maxed tier 3, maxed skill level, did her total max power also go up? I am also curious if you can have multiple VIP passes active like 30 day and 365, or multiple 30 day at once to have 60 gems a day and 2 cute little dragons on the stronghold? Oh and by the way I absolutely am loving the second builder and the fire breathing (from click) little pet dragon!!

I don’t know how the scaling damage is calculated, but at 4/80 and max skill she now does 869 damage, when it was 867 before. So not a noticeable difference, but the reduction in turns certainly makes her more of a threat.
Petri has already confirmed that you can’t stack the VIP subscriptions, you can pay for as many as you like at once but it will just lengthen your coverage time.

Thank you for the update, very good to know!

Do you want the thread left open for more discussion/answers? Let me know if I should close it now. :slight_smile:

You can close it, confirmed from ranking with a screenshot Lady Locke maxes at 777!

Then again I may have a question later

Go ahead and open a new thread. I’ll close this one. (If the title of the thread is specific and not general, you may get more respondents.) :slight_smile:

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