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Is it wise to use 3* to level up 4* & 5* heroes? What value do 3* heroes have if you have several 4* waiting to be leveled up?

This is the never ending question.
Yes you can feed 3* to waiting 4* hero’s but to compete in special monthly events you will need at least a fully lvld rainbow 3* team. Preferably at least 2 of each colour to allow stacking against the reflect colour.
But those 10 3* hero’s are not wasted effort as they will help in AW until you get a better bench.


In addition to the above, 3* heroes are also worth keeping around for alliance wars until you have a full set of better heroes leveled. It can also be handy to have additional heroes of a given color for stacking against titans early on.
It’s also worth noting that Brienne in particular is handy against low level blue titans even in a team of 4* and 5* heroes, and her special interacts surprisingly well with Spirit Link.

At some point you will even feed away 4* heroes. No point in having 3 boril for instance.

_I have 3 colen 3 gormek scarlet boldtusk and kalile, colen is almost maxed out and kalile is about half way. Can anyone please give me advice on what to do with the rest of these red heroes. I also have the following almost maxed Wu LJ cyprian and triton. Have khiona and domitia waiting. I am fairly new and at a loss as to what to do next. Appreciate any input

Level Boldtusk, then Gormek, they will be indispensable.

Thx for the input. Do you have advice on domtis and Khiona

I don’t have either but Khiona looks better in theory than Domitia. I would go with Khiona first.

Thx appreciate your help

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What would you do with the extra reds use them as feeders or try to level them up?

I would keep them for now, hero slots are cheap and they could be useful later.