General Challenge event tips?

Title pretty much says it all. Been playing for a little while and havent ever done well in them and was hoping to get any tips, tricks advice and strategies yall may have. Thank you!

*Try to take a look on the leadboard teams of top 100 players and copy the colors of nearest one to your roster.
*Try to use heroes with max special skills and best ones you have.
*Use antidots/health pots/turtle banner/arrows or axes.
*On certian event don’t use purple/dark heroes cause there is a purple reflection will kill your dark heroes.

@RandaPanduh can you add some 9f your logic to this thread please.


Careful with this one. They’ll often hide the actual teams they used.


You are right on that one but, some times there are rare hoest players up the top100 … thats why I aint said to 10 or top 3

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Good source of info

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I recommend watching some vids from Anchor 7DD, Zero and Seven Days Gaming (Avicious).
helped me a lot on the beginning.

Check this thread too great information:

And try to take a look on this website it is loaded with good information:
You can become a member and use the online 24/7 user chat to ask about any thing.

Are you looking to finish the event and collect the completion rewards? Or are you trying to compete and you’re going for a high ranking?

If you’re competing for ranking, here’s a video of how the top players compete. It is expensive and in no way will it help you if you are only trying to finish an event. Competitors use mono-color teams and hope for really good boards and carpet bomb to get their high scores.

To simply finish an event you can color stack and take a bunch of battle items. Antidotes in particular will help a lot with Lady Locke and Captain Sargasso on the final level. I think others have posted guides for this above.


It would help to see your roster, but depending on which one you’re trying to complete, stacking certain colors and using the appropriate items can go along way.

The three colors that are key to use: Yellow, Blue and Red. Certain levels have certain color mobs, so you may want to switch up your stack for each level. That, or you could run a 2-1-1-1 stack, by doubling yellow and removing purple.

If you have Wu Kong, he can help a lot for solid tile damage.

Running two healers can help too (Boldtusk or Kiril for an attack buff, or Rigard for the cleanse and deeper heal).

Splash or AoE hitters work well for these stages, since they’ll be able to hit everyone.

Someone who lowers defense (Wilbur, Gormek or Grimm) will synergize well with Boldtusk or Kiril. Also, if you have Wilbur, he will help you with survivability too.

Mana controllers always help a ton. Unfortunately, Proteus, Hel and Merlin are out of the picture, but if you have Hansel, Gretel or Peters, they will work wonders.

Elemental defense down heroes work well in stacks for events too. If you have Jackal, Falcon, or Arthur, they will help you quite a bit for this challenge. Stack them with another hero (of the same color) with a high attack stat and Wu, and your tile damage will be insane.

For the last stage especially, you’ll want the best battle items you can bring in. Arrows, Axes, Bombs and Dragon Attacks do wonders for knocking down the enemies health. I’d bring in at least two (the best two that you can), dotes if you don’t have a cleanser (another battle item if you do), and either another battle item for more damage, a mana pot for your mana controller, or a health pot if you need a back-up for survivability (as your last item).

For the stages before it, if you’re struggling with those, well then you may not be able to get through the last stage without spending the 75 gems. Honestly though, if you can knock down at least one of the bosses, and severely hurt the other, it’s worth spending the 75 gems to continue. Unfarmable mats are always worth it, but I’d only do it if you’re sure you can make it in the next go. Too many continues can add up quite fast.

Hope this helps :blush: These are all basic tips that should help without knowing your roster, but If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask.


Thank you for the general tips and tricks!! This was the team I used to complete epic. I also have choa who is at 3/60.

Don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve lost interest in challenge events. I don’t think I’m going to even complete pirates.