General Advice on Leveling 4* vs 5*

I think I’m going to find myself in a place where I’ll have nearly all of the materials to fully level a 4* or 5* in a couple of different colors.

Presuming the 4* and 5* are similar structurally, is it typically better to level one or the other first? Maybe a good example would be Colen and Azlar…

My initial thought is that the 4* is more versatile (i.e. intermediate and advanced event use), on the flip side, wondering if the 5* is enough better that it would help me get the 4* materials back quicker.

If anyone has experience with this and is willing to share, I’d appreciate it.

I wasn’t lucky enough to get a five star until I had my original team of four star heroes maxed out first. But given the choice I would have went for the power of Azlar which I only recently got over the Collen I had before.

Unless you have the ascension materials for your 5*’s, it’s really academic:

A maxed 4* is much easier to achieve and—until your 5* is maxed—is usually more powerful when compared to a card in the same power family, as it were.

An under-ascended 5* is not as much fun as a maxed 4*…with the ultimate goal being to move up to 5*’s eventually.

Here’s a quickee list of needed ascension materials for 4* and 5*. For 5*, you need items on BOTH lists:



@Rook Is it my phone or is your picture missing the 4* materials for 5* final ascension?

His last sentence notes that you need both sets for a final 5* ascension.

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For a 5*, you need all items, straight across. So for a red 5*, that’d be ham, compass, gloves, 3 chainmail shirt, Damascus blade, Tome of Tactics, 8 hidden blades, 6 mystic rings.

For a red 4*, you need the first half, and only 4 hidden blades. See the chart.

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That is the picture that I am seeing and I can’t click on it.

I don’t see the rings/tonic/scope column.


It’s all the way to the right. Silly Forum cut it off. :roll_eyes::grin:

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Colen at 4-70 is way stronger then Azlar 3-70, really.
So if the answer is “I get more materials with Azlar?” the answer is no.

But if you want to take Azlar to the max, having both Azlar and Colen have not much sense if not for AW purpose.

Appreciate the feedback so far… good perspectives and advice for sure.

I just need one more hidden blade and one ring to be there for the 5*.

Thinking maybe the “right” answer for now is to get one more blade, level two four stars and use them until I get the final ring, hopefully accumulating the blades again while I’m looking for it.

I’ve been very lucky with pulls and several have yielded red 5*. They’re just sitting around collecting dust. Maybe I level the fours and spread out the feedings on the 5* until I get the materials I need to level one of those and decide which is the best fit for my team at that time. Would give me more reps with them that way too, I suppose.

I’m in about the same place with green and blue as well. Too far short on everything for purple and darts for yellow. My green scenario is Zeline vs Peters and for blue, Kiril vs Magni or Richard.

Peters is really solid, esp with bosses and titans… but I love me some Zeline. That’ll be the toughest one to hold back on… really great utility. My gut says with my team mix that I’d be happy with Kiril fully ascended before the other blues, I think. They’ll max out skills before they hit 3/70… which would be good enough for me most of the time, I think.

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My response to a similar question:

Kiril is not only a decent healer but has built in Dragon banner which is nice for rare quests and red titans.

Peters has the same problem as Kiril, timing his very short special. But it is short because it is so powerful just like Kiril. Fun to pause a titan’s special. Stat wise comparable to Caedmon with a different secondary effect.


Im not sure bout that since i have neither hero but i know a 70 Elkanen 3 ascensions is way better then a 70 Caedmon who dies in like 3 seconds. Same can be said for Nat or Scarlett, Nat wins every time. 70 Leo is way better then a 70 Liu or any 70 4* for that matter. I don’t care what a 4* brings to the table, if they are dead they do nothing for me in a raid or AW. I will take on a 70 Colen any day over a 70 Azlar. Colen dies with about 6 tiles from Richard/Perseus combo, Azlar does not.

Read your other post. Aligns closely with what I was thinking. Totally agree on Kiril and the Peters/Cademon compare… great to have them both to choose from based on the scenario.
I hadn’t thought about Falcon as a tank. Will need to look at that more closely.

Currently, one of the teams I like to run is: Zeline, Kiril, Cyprian, Boldtusk, WuKong.

When everything is working, it’s pretty solid at my current level. Opponents all attack less, they have no buffs… I have defense and am attacking much stronger across the board. When they hit me, there’s a 60% chance they’re getting counter from at least one hero.

It’s like getting into a fight where I’m wearing brass knuckles and I’m fighting against a guy wearing boxing gloves who has a nasty sunburn (which works for me…).

Good thought on the “staying alive” aspect… do you have a fully leveled 4* team that you used before your 5*? And if so, if you were starting over, would you do anything differently?

I need to do more read up on Nat… (one of my not yet leveled 5*) she seems like she’d be best against someone you don’t want to take direct damage, like a riposte hero. Are there other things you like her for (and don’t say the costume… :wink: … kidding… poor girl gets a little grief about that sometimes.)

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This is really good stuff, all. Liking the point/counterpoint to think around.

At 70 Colen has more damage, more shield and same health plus more DoT.

There’s no doubt Colen is better.

If you can handle the final stage of the rare quests, rings should show up as the fjnal prize in the next three weeks to a month in the Mount Umbar quest.

Yep… can get through those. :slight_smile: Will be cool to get that last one!

Apples and orange. Your comparison of Natalya vs Scarlett is two different things. Scarlett, like Melendor, is a glass cannon with high attack stat. Kelile, a better comparison, is a 4* red sniper with a higher defense stat than Natalya.

Elkanen has an INSANE defense stat. He’s on par with Guardian Owl/ Richard/ Thorne, but much more useful.

About Nat, what i love about her. First and foremost, she counters Alberich very well and any green hero for that matter. She kills riposte heroes with no repercussion, and she buys you a significant amount of time on the hero you target with her, which is usually healers or debuffers. Her damage is always the same no matter the color except green which she cuts through like a hot knife through butter. I don’t see any downside to her at all to be honest and i look forward to the day i can take her to 80.

My 3* and 4* team when i started playing was Kashrek, Scarlett, Tiburtus, Bane and Karil. I obtained my first 4*'s within the first month or so with some newbie gem deal i bought. My first 5* were Leo and Richard off the same 10x epic pull. Obtained Perseus and Nat through single epic tokens. Tried a few green 10x pulls and got 2 Elks and 3 more Kashreks and a Caedmon. Recently did 4 10x pulls of yellow fishing for WuKong and obtained Liu, Chao, and HuTao. Also have Cyprian ,Skittle and Little John i picked up at some time and another Tiburtus to go along with the pack of Kashreks. Think that about covers all my 4* and 5* heroes that i can think of. Not really a great mix, but the right team mix and they do well together.

Tiburtus,Kashrek,Cyprian,Kashrek, Tiburtus team has walked through all easter events thus far up to advanced #16 at the moment with no consumables used but the mini mana pots and arrows. Nat/Perseus combo wreck healer teams and Richard is a beast of a tank. Welp, thats all i have for now. :skull:

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