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I’m trying to report that I’ve spent gems in the game and not gotten the items I purchased. But the only support topics I can find are for the $ transactions where gems are purchased. And when I try to get support, it directs me here

@JohnDoe out of curiosity, have you tried looking at the new Activity Log? This will likely be the first question asked so you may want to check that out. Look through the log to see if your gems were deducted from your account, etc.

If you’ve never used the Activity Log, you’ll find it in-game under Options —> Support —> Recent Activity.


I hadn’t used that function, but it also only shows that I received one item when it said purchase equals a minimum of 2. (sorry, I’ve played a little this morning)

Did you notice the fine print?


Thanks @Sarah2 ! I was wondering the same thing :smile:

Along those same lines, your inventory also only marks new items received if they’re 3s or more. So, many times you’ll receive Titan loot (for example) but not see any items flagged in your inventory. That would be very poor Titan loot, but possible.


What did you purchase exactly? When you write, you did not get what you paid for, be sure it was not an offer where you don’t have a guarantee to get what you see. Some offers show multiple items but you get only two of them randomly…

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That was the issue. I was supposed to get 2 random items for each gem purchase. I made 5 gem purchases back-to-back in an attempt to get one specific item (so at minimum 10 items) . But when I returned to the home screen, the little red badge indicating new items was only showing 1 new item. As @Sarah2 replied, those other 9 wouldn’t show up if they were less than 3 stars.
I guess I didn’t really pay much attention to that until I was trying to get the stupid cape so I could be one step closer to ascending my hero…

Just an FYI… and I’m sure any dev perusing this thread will cringe… the ‘Get at least 2’ offers are not usually worth the gems. The exception to that may be the trainer hero one, but the rest typically bring heartache and disappointment :unamused:

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I get it. I’ve only been playing a couple months, and I don’t usually spend gems on anything except map/raid refills. But I’ve had my little Boril guy since I first started playing and he was desperately needing that last warm cape for ascention. I had 8 more Boril’s locked in my hero list and figured it was cheaper to level him up, than to pay for more hero spots.

As an FYI, you’ll be able to score a free warm cape in the Frostmarch quest. It should be popping us in your ‘Quests’ screen in about 10 days. If you can’t complete all the levels for the telescope, at least get the warm cape :grin:


While I’m thinking about it, here’s a nice graphic I stole from someone on here :laughing:

It shows the order of the quests and what high-level mats are up for grabs. I’ve been playing for over a year and still can’t remember the order…


This is an awesome visual, thank you for sharing @LadySuzanne. (I might have to steal it too… thanks also to the person who posted this originally)

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It’s from @Mariamne, one of our two excellent Content Creators.


Yes! Couldn’t remember where I found it. Thank-you for giving the credit :grin:

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