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I love to hear from the community on this delicate topic…I find it itchy

You have about 5% chance for legendary hero from TC20. I got Richard, Isarnia, Marjana, Vivica, Kadilen, Khagan, Magni and two Elkanens from legendary training, but I’m running TC20 since September. All you need is patience.


Did it say that? I must have missed that info. But bear with me ok…I got peeps to relate to so what I ask here is very relevant

This is what mine says

What you posted are odds for summons, valid only in the summon gate where you can pull heroes for gems or epic tokens or Atlantis coins during Atlantis event.
I was replying to your post where you mentioned lvl 20 training. The odds for particular rarity from TC20 are different than in summon gate. Devs didn’t revealed exact numbers, but the community consensus is about 75% for 3*, 20% for 4* and 5% for 5* from TC20. These numbers are consistent with my TC20 outcome from September.

There is a big thread on this topic:


I can confirm that. At the moment I only use 1 TC 20. Heroes who repeat themselves 4 or 5 stars are welcome as better feeders. But every 2 days I hope for the heroes that are still missing. But it is always exciting. Do not worry Be Happy.


I have just 41 training sessions on TC20 to store food. One always runs on TC20 if I do not have 4 * or 5 * of each color then always 2.

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Awesome…wow!:scream::scream::scream:…I love them flags…gawsh

I’m happily married :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::shushing_face:

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What I advise my new alliance members to the castle expansion.
First, bring the castle to 13 as soon as possible.
Always adapt mines and farms to the needs to avoid waiting times.
TC = training camp
TC to 4 until then.
Then upgrade 2xTC 13 + 11.
Expand castle to 20.
During this time, the TC can run continuously 11 or 13 as needed / resources.
For this you have to expand iron warehouse also.
Then pull up the first TC20.
5-10,12,14-18 not exploring!

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It may be that the Google translate did not translate everything correctly

Lol. I once had difficulty with my expansion. My previous leader had no idea what I asked. I asked him how do you get the figures to know when you can upgrade your SH…he was puzzled and returned…upgrade all your buildings so you won’t miss out.
Its lately I can look at the bar and compare the total. Not even my calculator understood what I wanted! Wow…lol. Wonder if anyone here had a problem with it.:relieved::smile::joy:

Hahaa​:joy::joy::joy::dash::dash::dash::joy:…I.need to go sleep…lol

As for saving gems, I’ve gotten 1-5star and a couple of 4 stars on just one 300 gem summon. But yes mostly 3 stars.

So i have started saving for a 10x summon (2103 gems at the moment) to try for a 4star in the elemental summon I need a 4-5 star yellow.

As for TC20 ive gotten a couple of -4 stars out of it already and i just got it upgraded about 2 weeks ago.

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I want to try that. I love saving up but those gems…those gems

Ok, I sometimes buy the offers. And then every couple of months at Atlantis but then right. Since I have not started enough yellow 5 * heroes until next month again. But now also back to real life :metal::beers::smoking::beer:

:beers::beers::beers::beers::beers::cocktail::cocktail::cocktail::cocktail:drink enough for both of us…cheers

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I ran 3 TC20 camps last week in order to get a 5* hero, all i got was Kelile and Boril and multitudes of the same 3* heroes I already had.

Those same 3*s became breakfast for my existing Heroes.

Disappointed is an understatement I tell you.

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