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I have this gross with saving gems for weeks…then you get over 300 gems to pull 1 hero hopefully a 4 or 5* and you get lousy 3* I mean…not even a proper hero?
Community what’s up with that? I had to tackle hard headed raiders without a good blue hero…for weeks!

Did you really get 300 3* heroes in 300 pulls?

Let me see if I can be clearer…I saved 300 gems right? Then I go to do a pull…I get 1 hero in that pull and its lousy.

Unfortunately, there’s about a 72% chance of that happening. 57.6% TC13 3*, 14.4% seasonal 3*…

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I want to be sure I get what you are saying or suggesting.
Does your tower have anything to do with it?

Nothing affects the probabilities. They are the same no matter what you do in the game. They are published in the summoning gate. If you click on the question mark on the summoning gate screen, you can see the probabilities of each kind of hero being summoned on a draw.


Here your are:


Quick question on this: If you do a 10 pull, does that mean you get a 1.3% chance of HOtM on each pull?

Yes. 1.3% chance on each pull. Those probabilities are all per pull. But remember that probabilities don’t just add across trials.


Then my next question will be…what’s the use of level 20 training for epic or legendary heroes when it does not produce them?
You get to 20 and have over 100 recruits to boot send them in for training in hope to get one or the other and you do not get a 4* but a 3* and not one that is even useful?
I heard someone said…Egame issues😒

I love to hear from the community on this delicate topic…I find it itchy

You have about 5% chance for legendary hero from TC20. I got Richard, Isarnia, Marjana, Vivica, Kadilen, Khagan, Magni and two Elkanens from legendary training, but I’m running TC20 since September. All you need is patience.


Did it say that? I must have missed that info. But bear with me ok…I got peeps to relate to so what I ask here is very relevant

This is what mine says

What you posted are odds for summons, valid only in the summon gate where you can pull heroes for gems or epic tokens or Atlantis coins during Atlantis event.
I was replying to your post where you mentioned lvl 20 training. The odds for particular rarity from TC20 are different than in summon gate. Devs didn’t revealed exact numbers, but the community consensus is about 75% for 3*, 20% for 4* and 5% for 5* from TC20. These numbers are consistent with my TC20 outcome from September.

There is a big thread on this topic:


I can confirm that. At the moment I only use 1 TC 20. Heroes who repeat themselves 4 or 5 stars are welcome as better feeders. But every 2 days I hope for the heroes that are still missing. But it is always exciting. Do not worry Be Happy.


I have just 41 training sessions on TC20 to store food. One always runs on TC20 if I do not have 4 * or 5 * of each color then always 2.

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