Gems prices


Hi, good night. I’m from Brazil. I just want to know, why gems are so expensive. Like, you sell 10000 gems for $99,99, and for us brazilians, it’s really expensive, because it’s about R$330 in brazilian real. And I saw that even some american were complaining about the high price of gems. I know that the game always give gems on missions and you always doing some challenge on facebook, but still doesn’t helping players. So, why so expensive?


They are too expensive and I don’t think people buy the normal gem offers too much. However there are frequent special offers that have gems and often times rare items as well. I hold out for those, and I think a lot of other players do too.


I buy gems “at my level”…I have heard a player complain that $99 was too small. There is a wide range of gems available, plus deals from time to time (for instance the $8.99 Halloween one that I bought into). :wink:

I’m gonna keep looking for deals that I can afford. Heh.


99 cents cheap enough?


Free gems all day !!!