Gems missing target

I usually don’t attack with a rainbow team, but with doubled or tripled colours. I realized that e.g. red gems can miss the target, even if only one of my red heroes is blinded. That should not happen, because all I know is, that the damage of the heroes is added, if there are two or more of the same colour. And as a non-blinded hero does not have the chance to miss, there should be at least some damage with every gem of the respective colour, even if the blinded one misses and adds 0 damage to the total sum.

I thought the dmg cycled between my available heroes. So if I have three blue heroes and one of them is blinded, from time to time my blue will miss, no?

That isn’t quite how it works. When you stack colors, the base damage per tile is determined by the combined attack stats of all the heroes of that color. However, when you match tiles, each tile is then rolled randomly to see which troop it will become and which bonuses will then apply. If one tile becomes the troop that is attached to your blinded hero, that time has a chance to miss, even if the others in that match don’t


But that’s not logical at all.

Perhaps not, but that’s the way the game mechanics work.

Is that how it still works?
I only realized today after one of my two red heroes was blinded and after dropping 4 tiles I saw hit/hit/miss/hit. It made me go “wait whutt?”

I always thought miss chance comes before damage aggregation, yet I was so wrong.

I have exactly the same case with all red tiles! Is it a bug or a new feature?

The mechanics described by @NPNKY were recently affirmed by SGG on the beta boards.

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