Gems missed

Yesterday night i had circa 580 gems.
Today, i have 387 gems. In my opinion there is a mistake with counter of gems or another problem that i know…
Why i have this difference of quantyty of gems

Typically the difference comes when you spend them. Are you certain you did not request any building to finish building faster (gems), or buy troops (gems) or accidentally hit the daily summon button more than once (gems)?

It’s very easy to spend them, though it may take a bit of sleuthing to figure out where. Gems typically do not “just vanish”. :confused:

I play the game every days…i know that it’s very very easy to spend the gems.!
But this time , i’m sure that don’t spend the gems.

I’m thinking I should leave the game…

If you are convinced you did not spend them, and you’ve gone through the FAQ to make sure there is not some other explanation, you can contact the game directly:

Be aware it may take several business days for them to reply. Hang in there!

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