Gems lost ...bug?

Yesterday I had 514 gems and today I have only 90… Someone stolen my gems

Best contact Customer Support for help.


I have also lost my gems… I had about 800 and now I have 100… what can I do?

Just like the post right above yours says, you should contact customer support.

I used 75 gems to continue with the last stage of the ongoing Advanced Springvale Festival, and then the app conked out. I was a few hits from finishing it so I didn’t mind using the gems. Is there a way I can get them back? Thanks

You need to contact support through the game :slightly_smiling_face:

I maxed my iron earlier this morning 2441k. closed up shop for breakfast and shower. upon returning I find almost all my iron is gone. It shows I was attacked once shows iron loss of few thousand not the entire storage facility. My iron is down to 255k… This has happened few times before and I’ve sent in help requests to the game developers but nothing is ever resolved. Gems, heros, iron and food different occasions but it happens I’m not imagining it!!

I am guessing one of two things:

  1. you started a building
  2. you used emblems
  3. you crafted a bunch of battle items

Not saying you did it on PURPOSE but can you check if that is the case?

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Good evenin guvner!

Luckily last night I took some screen shots with intention of posting with the idea post I put up and was merged bout leveling up. Anyhow I’ll include the picture shows my iron is almost full bout 8pm last night. This morning when I was collecting it only took half of my mines then flashed I was full. I didnt buy anything, didn’t use it this is not the first time I’ve contacted game developers about it. I’ve had gems, food, iron and all my recruits vanish and I’ve sent in request for someone to look at it and they gave me response that If it was a big other would have same problem. So I asked if it’s possible someone can hack another player steal the items since it takes so long why do all the work if you can hack in take anothers I will include the screen shot to this email, don’t know how I got email response or if me responding to you stays email format anyhow here’s screen shot. I’m also including the info page of the screenshot

Yeah, not disbelieving the iron full side of things.

My things still remain about what MAY have used the iron up:

  • Emblems (unlikely given you were low food)
  • Building
  • Battle items

Do you know of anything that takes specifically 2186k iron?
I ask, or if anyone else can think, because obviously 2441k-255k = 2186k iron used.
But if something used THAT much iron, surely it would be something that takes 3 or more days to finish building.

You have no buildings upgrading right now or at the time of posting @UB6iB9 ??

No building goin on @notyou87 and Guvnor the reason food is low is because I’m farming day and night for swords, backpacks and troops from season 1, 12/9 every ten either built from my training centers or gathered as reward doing stages continuously around the clock I feed a hero which does not cost iron. I can screen shot my history for the last 24hours, I usually sit on full iron because I’m not too enthused bout building any thing that takes iron… every option I want to build is going to take more food than I can store at this time.

I have earlier today @JonaTheBard back to the grind… have heros to level up, picked up some great heros on last pull woot woot! War later this evening as well as raid tourney. Gonna be busy night!

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Yesterday i have around 700+ gems then suddenly it became 400+ gems. What happened? I didn’t used it to summon nor purchase anything.

Check your recent activity log, just in case there was an accidental summons due to pockets/pets/children.


If there’s still no explanation, please contact support through the game

I don’t have any accidental summons.

Thank you for your prompt response. Please see attached screenshot. Thank you.

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I’d check a bit further back, that is only the last three hours.

Then submit a support ticket in game :slightly_smiling_face:

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