Gems For World Energy

This game needs a way to turn Gems into WE. Siimilar to speeding building times. I know there are flasks, but I just hate those situations where i have 7 WE and want to enter a 10 WE stage (or similar).

I will happily pop a flask when a have 0-2 WE but more than that and the waste stings too much.

So it is: inefficiently use a flask, wait a half hour l, or do something else.

My availability is limited and jt can be many hours between when i have time.

Obviously it should be somewhat cost prohibitive. It could even scale up to keep flasks valuable.

1WE = 2G
2WE= 4G
3WE = 8G
4WE = 16G
5WE = 32G
6WE = 64G

And after that you would save by getting a flask.

You can spend 100 gems to refill your WE in the shop. It isn’t scalable, but it’s something.


Yes, you can buy hundreds of gems for like $5. And spend 100 of those gems on WE flags and even Raid flags.

I get what your getting at, it’s not such a bad idea personally I wouldn’t use it.

I get that, but it just sucks when you have like 7 WE and need 10, because you either have to use the flask and feel like you are wasting it, or wait a half hour despite having flasks.


I know what you mean all too well!!! :tired_face: I’ve gone through that so many times it’s ridiculous. Lol That 10minute per WE is a killer!

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