Gems earnt per month - rough calcs

Hi All,

I decided to do some rough calcs so I know how many FREE gems I earn every month.

Can anyone kindly check if they have the time? I can’t pretend that I’ll get all of it right! @Garanwyn

Thanks guys.

With formula and without formula spreadsheets are below.

Conservative key assumptions

  • 1-2 gems earnt on average per Gem-earning event in a worst case scenario, say 1.5 per event.
  • 3-4 gems earnt on average per Gem-earning event in a normal case scenario, say 3.5 per event.
  • Best case scenarios of 10, 20, 50 gems rarely occur so will exclude from analysis except for elemental chest
  • The player is neither hardcore (ie a player who will stay up in the nether hours) and neither easy-going and will regularly finish Gem-earning events (Average player).
  • The alliance is made up of players who are like the Average player.
  • Ignore Atlantis Rising and Atlantis Coins.

Gem-earning events include:

  • Mystic vision (assume twice a day, third requires the Average player to stay up at night)
  • Monster chest (assume 1-2 times a day, say 1.5 a day)
  • Heroes chest (say 1 time a day)
  • Titan-killing, each titan killed (say 3-4 titans killed a week, say 3.5 a week or 0.5 a day)
  • Titan chest, filled after 1.5 weeks.
  • Collect Gems II and Collect Gems I quests (say 2 times each per month, 10 gems for Collect Gems I and 18 gems for Collect Gems II = 20 + 36 per month = 56)
  • Raids tournament (weekly)
  • Alliance War result (assume the gems earnt is the same for both Win or Lose – to be conservative.)
  • Elemental chest (conservatively, assume appear once a month and assume earn 10 gems in worst case, and earn 20 in average case)
  • Alliance war chest (assume 50% win rate. Therefore will take 9 wars to fill 25 = 4 * 5 + 4 * 1 + 1*X ie. 4.5 weeks. Assume earn 10 gems)

Raw numbers

Therefore, in a worst case scenario the average player earns 306.88 free gems per month.

In an average case scenario, the average player earns 626.22 gems per month.

(Gargh it means that I probably won’t have enough gems for the September HOTM.)

Does that sound right? Seems a lot.

Formulae shown below


The in game currency is too rare. It’s pretty much negligible.


Yes and this is what FTP players scrap on per month to pull HOTM and other heroes! Feel our pain.


Atlantis coins make it look like FTP get more gems than that because of more summons but your calculation sounds right to me. Counting gems only, some months I made 1 pull only, some months 2.

I’d take out a few gems in raid chest / monster chest’s worst case scenario. I’m not a hardcore FTP player so I had to speed up those chests by using 1 gem to keep them in my schedule of 2 monster chests / 1 raid chest per day.


Titans are on a 23 hour cycle, not 24 hour cycle, meaning there are 168/23 = 7.3 titans per week.

So what you want for the weekly chests is:

Gems per chest * 7.3/5 * kill %

And for daily titans:

Gems per titan * 7.3/7


Thanks @Garanwyn

Sorry this should read 3-4 titans killed per week, some will escape

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No worries. Then your kill % is: 3/7.3 or 4/7.3


I don’t keep close track, but this matches my experience quite well. The distribution is probably a bit different for me but it balances out.

I do a couple of pulls during the challenge event each month and have been slowly increasing my roster size. Some months I have the 100 gems for it, some I don’t. So yes, 650 or so.

If one pushed to get more chests done I imagine somewhere around 800 is possible.


I used to do 1 pull every challenge event. So far, I got zero event heroes. I save all my gems for Atlantis now :sweat_smile:

IIRC my best case scenario was around 900+ gems. 2 good elemental chests during the same month had a lot to do with that number.


Back in 2018 for a couple of months I kept track of the exact number of gems I was earning for free, both accounts. Average player here, 3 chest per day (maybe kinda lazy during Sundays). Just anecdotal, I know, but without War Chests and Tournaments, these were my results

sep '18: 565 // 505
oct '18 : 525 // 567

so yes, to me your math seems right.

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Can’t confirm as i more often then not skipping timer, so i consume some of that gems and earn some more from more elemental chest.

I don’t have the numbers but i’m quite sure i earn less gems of that calculation, but still at the end of the month my gems are higher then the previous month.

TL;DR: i still overall get gems from skipping, but less of what i would have for NOT skipping.

I recall back when i start 2 years ago or so i roughly get 350 gems per month, with a lot less energy flags and a lot less events.

Probably 600 is a bit much, i would say more about 500.

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sounds about right. Ive always thought i was getting ~100 or so gems per week on average

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It’s july 5th already but I’ll start keeping track of all gems earnt during this month.

@FrenziedEye and yes, you probably wont have enough gems for that HOTM. Ftp will never have enough gems for summons :confused:

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My best indicator has been the Emblem sales: 175 gems for 10 emblems, or 350 gems for 20 emblems. This occurs every 10 days, and i was able to sustain purchasing 20 emblems for 350 gems using only free gems. Therefore, i use my baseline of 350 gems every 10 days, or roughly 1000 gems per month.

Maybe i’m a bit above average, as i will wait 20-30 minutes before falling asleep to watch a mystic vision, or finish a monster chest.


This is taken from my tracking sheet. Included on the sheet are titan loot and all possible chests.

My alliance kills all titans so titan loot and chests will be paying gems at a more frequent rate than most players, and they are the two highest paying sources of daily gems, but the missing data from war victories and mystic vision that I do not track should offset that. (I’m not sure that raid tournament loot contains gems but I can’t really remember, it isn’t on the loot tier list though)

So I would say your calcs are pretty good.
I complete 1.71 raid chests per day and 1.35 monster chests. I don’t spend to reopen monster chest, and raid chest gets opened at 4 or 5 gem cost, in terms of daily expenditure.


I’m also fairly sure you get gems from escaped titans, if you are factoring a 0 for escapes into your working. Maybe wrong on that though.

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Thanks @MantisToboggan, I’m not at my desk atm but will factor in yours and @Garanwyn’s feedback when I get the spreadsheet back up :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback so far all


Depends on your grade, I believe. I’m pretty sure Tier 1 gives zero gems.


Weird as I collect 800 gems (1.9 monster chests and 1.6 raid chests a day) a month not counting the VIP and invite bonus.

The gems quest should have been 10+18 a week = 112 a month

Elemental chest averaging 30/chest, average 3 chests a month give 90 instead of 20

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Thanks @yelnats_24, much appreciated.

I would say you are above average in terms of activeness because that’s quite a lot of chests.

I wanted to figure out a worst case scenario as opposed to best case so assumed 10

And I assumed the gems quest comes up less frequently to be conservative


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