Gems did not come

Good evening. bought a mountain of gems (10,000), with the playmarket payment passed and the money was withdrawn, but the crystals never received. Photo attached, gaming nickname garik26rus. I ask you all the same to charge the gems. Thank you in advance.

You should probably use the report an issue option in game for this one and email them directly. Sorry for what happened that really sucks

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As Vivenna said, use the report feature in game to contact Small Giant Games. It’s in the in game menu under Options. Alternately you could send a report using this link:

Good Luck!

I m Gracie Lex, few minutes I buy the 1 month VIP pass… When after key in my card password a message come out issue is error of lines… After few minutes my bank send a notification mention that my debit card was charge " MBB:TQ for using your Maybankard ending xxxx for MYR19.90 AT GOOGLE *Small Giant GB;21/05/19;07:13.For enq call num at back of your card" bit the problem is until now an hour pass still get the VIP pass… Admin Please me fix it

Hey guys , sry for posting here , but im new and probably im not alowed to make new posts on my own , only to replay. I have an issue too with facebook reward , i invited a friend and i should have received 100 gems and 10 days VIP when he reached lvl 10 . He did so but i never got the reward. Maybe im doing something wrong. Ofc , my problem is not so big like 10k gems missing but still ... im new and for me is a big difference.
Sry for replaying here and for bad english. Thx in advance

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