Gems & Christmas Specials & What best to spend them on

I am level 39 and have 1869 gems to spend. was considering 10 Epic Troops, but with the holidays was hoping they might have a special such as reduced rates for spending gems or the calender might have something. Any recomendations on how to spend my gems?

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I don’t recall any specials where summons were for less gems.

I spend on the $1.99 deals for 200 gems and an ascension item to get more gems.

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They never reduce the price of summons if that’s what you mean. The calendar will have a different offer every day, keep an eye out and if one fits your liking you can buy it. Personally I only spend gems on 10x hero summons.


Thanks that is what I meant.

I bought 10 troops for 1600 and would say I did very good with four 4 star troops. Got 2 blue and 2 purple. Would loved red but happy with the outcome as was only expecting one. Since that gave me three 4 star purple troops i consumed one of them, but not sure that was a good move.

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I would have saved all 3 4* purple, but no big deal, you’ll get more in time, but you never know, I only have 1 4* blue after 10 months. You may never see a purple again…

An end-game strategy is mono-color stacking, bringing a team like Aeron/Sartana/Khiona/Victor/Tibertus to play. Having five 4* troops is a nice luxury with such a lineup.

This month I think your priority should be pulling Evelyn. She may well be the best Hero of the Month this year.

Always keep your 4* troops for mono stacking like mentioned above

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Where is Mor-Arr? He should be somewhere in this lineup :wink:

Also, run full green? 5x Evelyn? Lianna/Hansel/Peters/Evelyn/Zeline?

Give me your Panther…! :rofl:

Thanks all for advice, will keep all my 4 star troops in future. I have tried stacking 3 of same hero color against Titan, and not sure that does to well. But seeing many of you support monostacking, which I have been thinking of trying but do only have three maxed out 4 stars purple heros, maybe 4 soon. Having a 5star in red makes me want to use marianna.

In summary why is monostacking desired. Does the tile damage increase exponentially, or maybe you get all your specials at once to take out healers. I am team power 3400 so need to learn what I can to get the mystic rings for final christmas challenge. I am beating the 3600 power opponent in Christmas, but getting hard and using many battle items at this point, so want to slow down to max out Boril.

Heh, maybe. Mok-Arr is so far down my tabards queue I couldn’t even see him.

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