Gem Usage for Free-To-Play(F2P) players

Hi there, I think I’ve been unwise with keeping my 3-star heroes and I should be letting go of some of them haha. Currently I have 3 Belith, 3 Brienne, 3 Hawkmoon, 3 Graymane only because the Hero Grading list seem to indicate that they’re “grade A”(not for brienne/graymane which I’ll be clearing up). Besides War, I do wonder if there’s uses for keeping duplicates of 3/4 star heroes.
Oh haha I guess it depends, for a period I was getting 3-star heroes from summon token. But for the past few days, Most of them gave 2-star troops.
Thanks for taking the time to read and pen down your advice :slight_smile:

Hi there!
Is 800gems/month roughly the mean rate of gems for F2P?
I also try to time my WorldEnergy/Raid Attempts to just reach max right about when my Wanted Chest arrives as well. So far, for the normal chests I don’t think I’ve gotten anything great until a few days ago that I received a Tonic from one of the normal wanted chests(not that I need it right now). I think I should follow what you’re doing and not use them on the wanted chests for now. But I might use gems for wanted chest in the future because I saw somewhere that the rewards from chests are better as you progress up in raids or have a higher SH(?). Those are indeed wise choices and OP 4-star Atlantis heroes. Oh thank you, I’ve seen seen that guide before and have been using it even for my 3-star heroes for a while now. Nevertheless, thank you for taking time to read and pen down your advice :slight_smile:

Hello @ZEBRA ! Good to hear that you’re still grinding as a F2P. Yes, I’m working on that, heading to SH18 soon. I might try the invite feature to speed it up! oh those are some nice stats, higher than the average rate from the TC20 results spreadsheet. I’ve heard of the google survey and I’ve tried to use it once, maybe in 2014 for some other game. But unfortunately, I think it is only limited to North American users. I’m on iPhone as well altho I can switch my game over to Android. I’ll check it out again to see if the region limitation has changed since then. Thanks for taking your time to read and pen down your thoughts :slight_smile:

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Hi there! Yes sir, I’ve been trying to do that haha. Currently hardstuck at 1100 trophies and surrounded by opponents of mostly 300-500 higher TP than I am xD
Yes, spending gems for lost fights in any game seems to be the most unwise decision.
Thanks for taking the time to read and penning down your advice :slight_smile:

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Currently I have a few, Valen Belith Bane Balthazar with 1/2 for their talent grids. I only have 2 reset tokens and wouldn’t wanna be stuck in a situation where I lack emblems because I’ve spent it on 3-stars tho. I will commit emblems to some 4-stars when I got them fully ascended and leveled. I saw a +15 Grimm somewhere on forum and he looks OP!

Brienne indeed have grade A for attack but Graymane is C…

I don’t know about other F2P players, but before I use VIP that I got for free from invite feature, I can accumulate 2400 gems in exactly 3 months. That is with platinum raid chest, 50% war win rate, 7*-9* titan.

Food from chest are tied to food storage capacity while iron from chest are tied to iron storage capacity.


How have I been playing this long and didn’t know that? Good info, @yelnats_24. Thanks.

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consider about heroes *3, these come from this great community so far:

3* You’ll probably never use:

  • Dawa
  • Renfeld
  • Prisca
  • Greymane
  • Vlad

Others that aren’t great, but may have uses in the future WRC:

  • Jahangir
  • Oberon
  • Friar Tuck
  • Carver
  • Arman

Others that aren’t amazing, but I’d keep if you’re lacking enough heroes in that specific color/class:

  • Isshtak
  • Karil

For sure keep:

  • Nashgar
  • Hawkmoon
  • Azar
  • Rudolph
  • Namahage
  • Squire Wabbit
  • Valen
  • Gato
  • Ulmer
  • Gunnar
  • Belith
  • Brienne
  • Berden
  • Mnesseus
  • Hisan
  • Bane
  • Gan Ju
  • Melia
  • Kailani
  • Balthazar
  • Tyrum
  • Chochin
  • Gill-Ra

I was told by someone in my alliance that once you get five 3-star heroes of the same color you should start feeding them because you will rarely ever need more than that (titans, events) assuming you have at least one 4-star hero for war. I have had the VIP pass for the past 3-4 months and won’t renew it after I run out, but I’ve also had real good luck with the RNG: multiple 4-star heroes from TC13, Scarlett from my first epic hero pull, Scarlett again from my first TC20 pull, Anzogh from my only epic hero pull that month. I’ve also used my gems on a couple of roster expansions recently as I’ve got a stable of ~45 heroes locked (mostly 3-4 star with only one 5-star) and was having trouble only leveling with 4-5 feeders at a time. I have been happy with that decision.

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It takes 198 emblems to fill 19 nodes on a 3 star, which is about 8 nodes for a 4 star: Deciding where to spend your class emblems - Tourney update 2019-Mar [Math, Analysis]

What I do is put some emblems on the 3 stars I like (up to 5 nodes, more if I don’t have a better hero in that class). The rest of the emblems are saved for the 4 star heroes.

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Hey sorry for the late reply. Yup I’ll do away with Graymane haha. Oh that’s nice! I’m at silver/gold chest, and 7-8* titans with grade B/C at the moment. Ohh I see, I’ll upgrade food storage after SH and TC 20 then. Thanks for sharing your wisdom :slight_smile:

Hey sorry for the late reply. Prisca and Greymane were my first 3 star heroes of dark and ice types so I’ve already trained them till 3/50 "/ For the “sure keep” heroes, is it wise to keep more than 1 of each? I have 3 Belith at the moment.

Hello, thank you for your reply. I beg to differ on that. There’s seasonal events that have rare/epic/legendary levels where rare levels can only be taken on with 3 star heroes and you might struggle with the bad 3-star heroes. There’s also raid tournament where sometimes they limit to 3 or 4 star heroes only, as well as their special rules. oh that’s nice haha I’ve only gotten 1 4 star from tc13. probably around 60-70 trainings from tc13 now. Thanks for taking time to reply! :slight_smile:

Ahh I see, thanks again for the link :slight_smile:

Yes me too about Prisca, but not for Greymane after I visit this Forum. And I will feed Prisca to other after I have better Dark and better Paladin leveledup. So I still keep my Prisca for a moment.

Yes, Belith is best *3 healer, good use for war. Keep until you get more good *4 healers.

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