Gem Usage for Free-To-Play(F2P) players

Vanilla Heroes are Regular Heroes comes from Epic Hero Summon, Elemental Summon, TC13 and TC20.
Not Vanilla Heroes and also Vanilla heroes can get from Atlantis Portal, Event Portal, Seasonal Portal and HOTM (Hero of the Month).

For me, best gems use for summon in order are:

  • Atlantis: Proteus and Wilbur
  • Guardian Teltoc: Jackal and Falcon
  • Grim Forrest: Hansel
  • Avalon: Merlin

And if we are out of heroes caps, definitly use it as it is valuable to make leveling up progress comfortable, remember we also need to keep Training heroes for levelingup last tier for *4 and *5 as it is much more food cost.

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Hello! That sounds like a plan, my 3-4 star ascension mats are few and I could probably only ascend 4-stars heroes to max at the moment, but not 5-star ones. Yes I’m doing that right now, currently upgrading iron storage before I can upgrade to SH 18. Ohhh I see, I was comparing the TC20 heroes against the hero grading spreadsheet and thankfully there’s an A tier 5-star hero of each element that I can get from TC20 according to the list. It definitely helped, thanks for taking time to give your kind advices :slight_smile:

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Hello! Welcome on that, it was a suggestion that one of my alliance mates told me about. Thanks for sharing your experience and have a good time as well :slight_smile:

Hello, yes I have to remind myself to do that only when WE is full if not the gems spent would not be worthwhile either. Sorry to hear of your bad summoning experience. Exactly my thoughts, I’ve been feeding in 2-5 because of a lack of storage currently. Thanks for your advice, have a good day :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t bother with hero cap increases unless you actually need more space for your heroes. You get 5x chance to level special if your hero is at max level, so feeding 10x isn’t as important as it used to be. (And yeah, that stacks with the 2x chance for matching colors when feeding.)


Hello fellow F2P!
Haha I’ve realised that they were better tanks but sometimes my team lacks damage, so for the time being, I’m using Balthazar Valen for damage but they seem quite squishy and if they die early, I’d struggle with damage dealing "/
Kashhrek is at 4/30, and LiXiu is around 3/20 at the moment.
That’s true, but I’d opt for a 10-pull still because of the gems savings that it gives rather than the individual pulls.
I guess I need to feed away some of my 3-stars then. I’m usually at 50+/60 for my hero cap. Wanted to keep some useful 3-stars for events/tournaments that limits us to only using 3-star heroes but as of now, I’m deciding who to keep based on the “Hero Grading” spreadsheet.
I do sometimes get weird RNG tho, eg leveling up special skills at 2% chance, and failing to do the same with 20% chance :joy:
I have an alliance mate that tries to complete at least 5 chests per day. maybe I should ask him about it!
WOW +20, that’s some dedication xD So far I’ve only upgraded a selected few (Bane, Belith, Valen, Balthazar) in terms of their talent grid, and only to +1/+2 because I was unsure what I’d get in the future and whether if upgrading them will rob me of the chance of upgrading the talent grid of a 4/5-star hero in the future.
Hmm, personally I’d either not spend at all for Atlantis or spend on a 10-pull due to the ~15% cost saving to do a 10-pull rather than 10 individual pulls. But I think I should feel hopeful since I’m nearing SH 18 and would get 20 in a bit. I think I haven’t get any 4-star from TC13 for the last 30-50 training, which I think is below the avg % of 4-stars, hopefully I’ll get another from it!
Thank you wonderful soul for dedicating your time to reading, analyzing and replying to each of my thoughts with your invaluable experience. :blush:

Hello, thanks for responding! Ahh I see, I guess I have to better manage my hero cap by sacrificing some 3-star heroes then. Will do, thank you for taking time to read and for your kind advice :slight_smile:

Two great options. Fast mana and defense down from Valen. They are still staples of my later war teams. Good choices to level.

Yes, you definitely can’t keep all the 3-stars, but in addition to the Hero Grading Guide, I’d also consider color needs and especially hero classes. I’ve held onto Prisca far longer than I wanted to because I lacked paladins, and Nashgar has become obsolete much faster than I thought he would because I have a lot of better barbarians. (Not that I fed away Nashgar, btw, but he now only gets action in mop up war teams.) I did feed away Dawa, Kailani, Renfeld, Oberon, Graymane, and Gan Ju (and maybe some others that I’ve forgotten). With Tyrum now leveled and my Domitia on the rise, Prisca is the next to go, and I’m hopefully about to scrap Isshtak soon as well. This is after pulling and leveling a lot of four-stars and based on color and class needs as well as potential usefulness. You have to do what makes sense for your roster across the board.

Dedication, and a depressing lack of clerics! :slight_smile: But now I have a Boril on the rise, so Hawkmoon will soon be demoted to just another 3-star. I did fail to mention that I have 3 reset tokens in storage, so resetting Hawkmoon, Bane, and Valen will cost me nothing when the right 4-star replacement comes along in their respective classes. Saving emblems if you don’t have that safety net makes sense, and the ones you’ve chosen to emblem are good choices.

I didn’t get a single 4-star in 2 months of running TC13. It’s like that sometimes. But two of my first eight TC20 pulls were Domitia and Thorne, so I’ll take it.

My pleasure. I may not always be right, but I try to explain my perspective at length so you can see if it makes sense to you. Drop me an @ mention anytime.

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I’m a F2P about 4 1/2 months in. The only thing I’ve spent gems on so far were 1 elemental pull and 1 roster increase. I hit 3000 gems a couple of days ago which I intend to spend on the next Atlantis. I agree with the comments above that 10 pull Atlantis is the best deal, particularly for newbies. One thing to consider is that there are some game changing 4* heroes in Atlantis (Proteus and Wilbur) and you have a pretty good chance of getting 2 S2 4s. Another thing to consider is that almost all of the S2 3 are worth having and can really help out with 3* Raid Tournaments and the Rare level of Challenge events. I have Melia, Mnesseus and Gato all maxed with emblems. Namahage is waiting his turn but I’ve seen him on the teams of a lot of the top teams in Challenge Events. I don’t have Chochin yet but I’d be happy to pick him up. Personally I’m trying to not sweat it much. If I get Kage great but if not we play with the RNG gives us.

One final piece of advice would be that there are hundreds of thousands of people playing this game. Most people do okay on 10 pulls and don’t post anything. A few do amazingly well or amazingly badly and make a big deal of it on the forum. Atlantis gives you the best odds to get a lot of new different heroes that are not available in the game any other way.

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That said, if you’re in a space where you’re needing to think about feeding 3* heroes, it might be worth raising your cap. Unless you’ve got a lot of dupes. Feed them down. :grin: I only wanted to warn you against raising it just for the sake of saving up feeders.

Also, this is very subjective, but I’ve noticed my results “feel” better if I’m doing several pulls at once (or in rapid succession, like turning in summon tokens). I never received a 3* anything from the basic summon until I saved up my tokens and dailies and turned in 20 at a time.

But that’s just my experience. I had one guy in my alliance do a 10-pull and get only 3* heroes, then did another later and got three 5* heroes. RNGesus is mysterious and unknowable.


F2P with 7 months playing time

I spent gems on hero capacity increase six times (50+50+50+50+50+100=350 gems). Hero capacity is important if you want to compete in all fronts (rare, epic, legendary). I am keeping 30 unique maxed 3* heroes, for both collections and tournaments.

Each months I can get 800 gems if I don’t use VIP from invite feature.

VIP is useful, if you wish to remain F2P, invite feature is a viable source.

I will never use gems to reset wanted mission chest. I always fill chest as fast as possible, I make sure the flags are ready when the chest come out. I got elemental chest every 10 days on average.

On summon, my plan is to use it for 10x atlantis pull until I get Wilbur. I already get Proteus (very important for completing legendary event)

After I get Wilbur I will redirect it toward 10x Guardian of Teltoc untill I get Jackal and Falcon (important titan hero). After I get them both I will redirect it to 10x Grimforest for Hansel and Gretel.

One more thing, as F2P, you won’t buy ascension materials (AM) in limited offer or packages, that mean your AM will be less than those who pay thus you have to use it wisely. To know who to ascend, you can check this guide, it is very useful.


@Profit_LDSF I’ve been playing about about 1 and a half years and have been F2P the whole time. I’ve only ever spent my gems on event or Atlantis summons, hero cap increases until the price changed to 100 gems instead of 50, and 1 gem chest speed ups.
I suggest trying to get at least one TC20 as quickly as you can. It is a great source of 5 and 4s. In the (currently) 318 TC20 pulls I have done, I was able to pull a 5 23 times. They slowly but surely do add up!
I also do Google surveys to be able to “buy” good offers once in a while. I have gotten more than $20 by just doing a survey about once a week for about a year. That’s a lot to a F2P person!


Gems will pile-up if you leave them alone. I started collecting 3000 gems after I did some fruitless pulls at the Christmas seasonal and I used them for a 10 x at the Atlantis portal in april, so in about three or three and a half month. Do all collect gems quests, they are free, always play the Mystic vision, try going up with your raid arena, the higher the arena the better the chance for handsome rewards, use all titan and war flags for better titan loot tiers and 100% war chest participation, don’t spend gems for continuing lost fights, WE is free, so you can try again from the beginning. I also never skipped timers for chests, but that is debatable, as elemental chests sometimes make up for the spent gems… on the other hand, elemental chests come anyway if you are patient.

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Haha I’ve been struggling with my hero cap a little as I’ve been reluctant to sacrifice my 3-star heroes for feeding. Wow really? I’m currently stuck at 21-2 with my team, but I’ve only slightly upgraded the 3-star heroes’ talent grid to +1/+2. Maybe that’s the problem? :open_mouth:
I’m leaning more towards using gems solely for wanted chests at the moment as I believe RNG isn’t on my side haha.
Thank you for taking time to read and give your kind advice :slight_smile:

Hello! From the responses that I’ve gathered, I think I will use them mainly for wanted chests and Atlantis IF I manage to get it comfortably above 3k gems. Thank you for taking the time to pen down your kind advice :slight_smile:

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Ahh I see, thank you for that info! I’ll keep an eye out for them. :slight_smile:

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I’ll better manage my roster then, thanks for the kind advice :slight_smile:

Hello, thanks for the insights again! Yes I’ve noticed that I tend to forget to keep a few good ones from each class and so far I’ve only managed to clear the Easy levels of emblem quests.
Oh I totally forgot about the reset token. It’s an ultra rare item right? I’ve only gotten 2 of them thus far. Haha I’d take that good luck on TC20 in exchange for bad luck on TC13 xD
Ok, will keep that in mind, thank you again :smile:

choose a couple 3 stars to upgrade with emblems. Some are better than others, and thus some will be much better investments for them.

Hello! wow nice job there on holding off from the temptation to summon haha. I agree that some of the 4-star Atlantis heroes are game changers, but like you said it really depends on RNG.
That’s true, but I didn’t go through a ton, of videos to find a bad one. I just click on the first video that I saw and it was someone getting 1X 5-star from 90 Atlantis summons; my sample size stopped at that 1 video tho haha.
Thanks for taking time to pen down your advice :slight_smile:

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