Gem Tournaments


My idea is to be able to enter some sort of small scale tournaments where you pay an entry fee (amount of gems) to play.

Gems to be redistributed to the top 3.

Tournament 3* max: 10 participants entry fee: 50 gems
First gets 300 gems, second gets 125 gems and third gets back the 50 gems.
25 gems go back into the game.

What do you guys think?

Good idea, however, that would most likely be only utilized by the top teams. Anyone else would not want to lose the gems. If it was a tiered system it would be much more attractive. Otherwise the best players would be cashing in constantly.

P.S by best I mean the majority of players in the top 100

I agree with it having to be a tiered system.
You need to be able to compete with teams of the same strengths.
Only make it available for people who have 5 rare heroes in their final tier to take away temptation for new players to test their luck with a 2* team

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Like in gambling/casino?

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LOL you affraid a 2* team might win those gems and show you up.

I agree this makes it gambling which in turn creates legal issues with certian countries.

Basic tournament rules across the board. Top places get grand prize, and high consolation prize. That’s the rules of tournament. Gambling and gaming however are synonymous, and people have a hard time differentiating between them. So here you go.

Tournaments: Not gambling, but a structured system with reward. To enter a tournament in real life, or in a game, there is an entry fee.

Summoning Heros: Gambling

Hoping For Good Boards: Gambling

So no matter what you do, you can’t differentiate when a Random Number Generator is involved. And random number generators are used for everything in video games nowadays. Honestly if you think about it this game really has not many skill factors to it because your roster is based off of your luck gambling in the slot machine that is your summon window. And your raiding ability or ability to clear stages and events, is not based on your ability to turn a bad board into a good board, but your luck in getting the Cascade for a good board.

So voila, Empires and puzzles is a casino!

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Although it may seem that way if it were’re a casino as stated it would come under different rules as would 1000’s of other games online.

A casino is when you have no option but to spend money for a chance at winning. There is no free play.
You can’t walk into a casino and play machines or games for free, hense gambling.

A game offers only free play with options for you to buy gems (in this case) which can be used/spent on different options based on what you feel might improve your playing of the game.
There is no one forcing you to spend money to play the game. Hense NOT gambling.


I was being sarcastic, honestly. RNG is the nature of games. All a company can do is mitigate it by static features they directly control. Though it would be nice for them to implement a system when the hero pool gets large enough, that many people, myself included, have recommended. That system being a sort of unit of choice ticket that allows you to select from the entire pool, one hero. It takes the randomness out of it, and will shut a lot of people up.

In the end though, some of the most popular games if not the most popular games on mobile devices are gacha games. And gacha games are all RNG based, which makes it feel a lot like gambling when you play it. And still people whine, b****, and complain.

That is pay to play.

Good lord, just can’t say anything in here without a comment that just…ugh…fine. Time to pull threads.

“SGG’s Empire & Puzzles is a game where the title lies. The game is a Pay to Play AND Pay to Win Casino with a built in slot machine designed by people who only care about making a quick buck instead of balancing content, and doesn’t care about the Free to Play little people.” - Said No One Ever

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