Gem spending

Hi guys and gals, by the end of the month when my little dragon flys away I’ll have 4 and a half thousand gems…what should I spend them on? I’m leaning heavily toward Valhalla summons because that’s coming up around then. What do you all think?

Valhalla or Costumes for sure. Whichever floats your boat!


Valhalla primarily, Costumes secondary. and Seasonal, depending on what one you want


Costumes primarly

It seems that you tend to save gems and you will not spend loads of money in this game.

Regarding valhalla heroes in comparism, i see many many advantages on the costumes.

Yes, some certain valhalla heroes are great, but rather very rare. And i dont see many great 4* at valhalla.

But in costume event I see some VERY basic and strong 4* heroes.

With +20 talents the following costumes are awesome:
Caedmon, sonja, rigard(!), melendor(!), boldtusk(!), kiril(!), tiburtus.

Great or awesome 5stars are:
Azlar, magni, elena, marjanna, leonidas, lianna, kadilen(!!)


The strongest reason to pull costumes as a low spender of f2p is that costumes are re-usable. Once you get it, you level up as many as you like (assuming you have the corresponding S1 hero). So if you get a good costume you can level up multiple and thats a huge advantage over the other portals for a f2p or vc2p.


Correct. And of course you still have both possibilities to play a hero original OR costumed.

For example, depending on opponent you may choose to use caedmon as fast cleanser OR fast dispeller. That gives great options.

And last but not least, costumes get 5% mana bonus. You dont need THAT much mana troop leveling to make the heroes charge faster.
(I skip the math here, there are plenty of great schedules for that)


I would say costume portal as well. Another good reason for costumes is that they make the hero dual class, meaning you can change their costume on or off to allow them into more emblem quests. It allows you great versatility with fewer heroes leveled up!

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Maybe spread them about?

Really? Jott, Brynhild, Mist, Gullinbusti, Almur (and honorable mention Shadreave) don’t count as great 4* heroes in your mind…

…and let’s not forget Nordri 3* for blue elemental def down.

With the new costumes releasing this month, I am going the costume summons only because I already have a strong Valhalla roster.


My personal opinion:
Jott is slow and worse than sonjaC
Brynhild is great but so is melendorC
Mist and gullinbursti are better than other holy costumes.
Almur is worse than caedmonC
Rigard, boldtusk and kiril costumes are all better (because much faster) than gullinbursti and other walhalla 4stars

I know, almur has good use on titan but i think for people that dont pay much, and train legendary heroes by themselves, it does have more use to habe 3 costumed caedmons+20, than two normal caedmons+20 and 1 almur+20

But still, thats just my opinion, there is room for any others opinions

I know you are trying to compare costumes to season 3. But Jott/SonyaC and Almur/Caedmon have absolutely nothing in common but being 4 star and the same color.


Exactly. From my point of view all my mentionned costumes have overall great usability in the game, regarding raid, event, tournament, titan, quest, war, pvp.

Many Walhalla heroes are some kind of special. Some use new rare mechanics(gullinbursti), some have especially titan abilities (almur).
Even 5 stars like ratatoskr, norns, fenrir, sif, skadi are quite complex to use them effecticely.

Of course… some costumes really are a bummer. Quintus, horghall, domitia f.e.


That’s how I see things. We talk about power creep, but at the end of the day S1 heroes provide specials that can counter the latest and greatest (cleanse, dispel, heal), with the exception of the permanent health decrease (aside from Kashrek’s costume).

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Have you tried him on red titans (he creates mega scores with a good board/ scroll of alteration) or in a blue stack in either equalizer or rush wars?

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Wow, I’d say the best 4s and 3s in the game are from valhalla. Cost Rigard, Proteus, peters, and 90% of valhalla 4s are the best 4 heroes in the game.

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I keep asking this question to as I’m c2p and from some of the top players in the game I keep being told new costumes then Valhalla.

I tend to agree, costumes make your ordinary vanilla s1 heros very good, I use my c rigard and tiburtus every day in raids kad and Elena (Elena gets a big shot in the arm for defense) on my defense teams, and so on

Also best odds for a 5* hero

The only costume worth anything is Rigard’s IMO. The attack/def/Mana/health bonuses tho are what makes them shine. I use costume elena vanilla, and with out emblems and costume bonus she’d be taken out in a couple matches. But she stays alive longer now to set up riposte on my tank flank and wing, and boy does it really do damage. She’s got a high attack stat so I went all defense/ health on her, at 18 emblems

I cant use him in wars because my roster is too good. But yes i use him on titan and maybe sometimes in event or pve.

So what you sre saying is that jott is good at 1 out of 5 titans and maybe 2 out of 6 field aids in war.

SonjaC is mostly the only blue that cleanse by FAST mana(i still use her+18) and few players have ariel(average mana) or rafael(slow mana). She can be used in almost every blue team, using her as cleaner or dispeller, just how she is needed.

I am not saying jott is bad, to be clear. But slow heroes are very hard to play in pvp, and we are not talking about heroes that are great when the “board is good”.
Because if the board is good any hero will shine.

I have to admit that @Vixx has all the stuff written down nicely while my arguments are splashed all over this place :wink:

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My opinion: both are good options. In a 10-pull you’ll get on average about 2-3 4*, and a 5* only if you’re lucky. So it depends on which 4* heroes would strengthen your roster the most.


Totally agree with wave which is why I would say costume is the better option - s3 has some great heroes but how many of your 10 pull will be regular s1?

Contrast that with how many of the costumes will be duplicate (taking into account the new costumes coming out) - which ever is less likely to be a total disappointment is the one to choose

This graphic might help work out which is more likely to improve your roster