Gem Refunds....REALLY PISSED

Has this happened to anyone else and if so what was the outcome? ARecently my phone slipped out of my hand. When I decided my phone claim this was on my phone for a Mage Combo. I didn’t claim. I closed my app and restarted. My gems were missing and 2 new items in my inventory. I immediately text sorry to ask for a refund. I have never purchased this combo b4 abd never would. I can craft everything in the combo and I don’t keep any one, two, or three star heroes!!! I would NEVER purchase. Support keeps telling me we’ve checked the logs and it’s a valid purchase…BULL. What’s the purpose of the claim this feature. I would think it’s a secondary measure to make sure you want to purchase! If it’s not one you “purchase” something no need to claim they should just dump into your inventory. I really feel cheated and angry that SG is taking my gems like this. I might not spend as much as some do but spend more than others. VERY ANGRY AND DISAPPOINTED THAT THIS COMPANY HAS STOLEN MY GEMS AND WON’T RETURN.


Even though there is a claim button for loot on the loot window, you get the loot whether you hit claim or not. Unfortunately you cannot back out at that point of the purchase.

I hate to say it, but support is correct in saying that it was a valid purchase. You accidentally purchased the pack. The accident was yours unfortunately and E&P has no obligation to refund it. Posting a thread claiming they stole your gems when you have stated it was your own error is silly, but I do hope venting has helped make you feel better.

Hopefully you get a little good luck back your way to counter this frustrating mistake.

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Sorry this happened to you and I won’t even start making excuses for the company. They can do that themselves. I’ve had similar happen when my Granddaughter got ahold f my phone Fed my Max tier 2 Richard to Layla (hero of the same name as my Granddaughter), Ascended Chao to 4th tier because she thought he was cute (ouch) and purchased $150 worth of items from the store. I just took my lumps, set a security passcode on purchases for the future and moved on. I suggest you do the same.


Oh my goodness… That’s… painful to read, I’m sorry, bro! :scream_cat:

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It is not a valid purchase nothing you or support can say will make it a valid purchase.

How do you set a security passcode in app? This wasn’t done through google play which i have a password and thumb print sensor set up. SG should actually have a second edit to confirm you want to purchase, which I thought claim served as that second edit or protection. Too thirsty to just take my gems for something I never wanted and would never purchase. Something that had absolutely no value to me.

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What purpose does the claim button serve?

The Claim button is simply a way to close the summary of what you’ve just received. By the time you get to that point, the gems have already been consumed, and SG has already rolled to see what you got. If there was a confirmation, it would have already appeared and been approved.

It’s definitely unfortunate, but I don’t think you have any recourse at this point. All you can do is trudge on and say to yourself “At least it wasn’t that 9750 gem offer”.


I got E&P through the Google Play store-- there are settings there for “in app purchases” that you might want to look at-- or the equivalent on the iStore or wherever.

I laughed at this…funny. I have been a loyal player/customer. I’m really ANGRY that they won’t give me my gems back. No reason in my mind for them to keep.

At least it was just a mage combo, sorry u lost ir gems to that crappy pack but if ur finger slips and u click a purchase then there’s no going back.
U cant justify it as an accident, or someone else etc… If ur phone fell out of ur hand and accidentally purchased a mage combo that was ur doing
once i was summoning regular tokens and didnt realize my tokens had finished and clicked twice and purchase a regular 1* hero summon for 150 gems
My mistake and i would never do it but it happened and i was more careful next time

I have it set up on my phone under security. I can’t make any purchases on my phone through any apps at all without entering a security code.

You are upset that your gems are gone and you got some crappy loot, so seems like it was indeed a valid transaction. The sky is also blue.


You made a mistake … let it go … learn from it …

Grandparents can be quit forgiving lol :smiley:

Unfortunately you can’t do that for gem purchases, only money based in-app purchases, aka buying gems. (I’m using ios, not android, but I’m pretty sure both OS’s are the same that way) Those purchases require further confirmation.

Buying with gems requires you to tap the “purchase” button…and I understand what SG is saying–they can only tell if the button was tapped, not whether it was done by your finger intentionally, or accidentally if you drop your phone or put it in your pocket.

And yes, it really SUCKS to accidentally waste gems on something mostly worthless like the mage combo!


They should look into adding a 2nd layer of protection.


SG Acolyte, how many do they have?

I’d be pissed to and agree they need a 2nd layer of security to prevent accidental purchases. Problem is, if they refund your gems for an accidental purchase then it opens a huge can of worms for anyone who purchases something and doesn’t get what they want to file a claim with SG saying it was an accidental purchases and demand a refund. I’m sure yours was an accidental, but if people believe they can get refunds by claiming accidents then the flood gates will open up.


Gems in this game are extremely valuable and although I agree that when spending gems you should have some type of secondary authentication (such as a passcode or simple things like typing in your name to confirm) I dont see it ever happening. Chuck makes a good point with the opening of flood gates if they started just handing out refunds left and right for "accidental’ purchases. Although you may purchase gems with actual money, once the gems are added to your in game account they are considered in game digital currency that cant be used anywhere else. There is no way to differentiate between what you have earned through grinding the game or through a purchase.

I feel like they should be able to revert your game back to the point PRIOR to your “accidental” purchase. To make it less appealing to those who would ABUSE that system lock all in game gem purchases for 72-96 hours. That, to me, would limit how many people abuse it and make it so that you could potentially get back gems from an accidental buy.

But with everything, patience is a virtue and one that avid gamers would quickly abuse. Does what happened suck? yeah… Do I see them attempting to fix the issue? Its possible… anytime soon? not a chance. If I were you i would just be very cautious next time. I’ve made two accidental purchases (rolled a 10 troop drop) when I went to hit the back button on my phone after months of stockpiling gems. It sucks but ya gotta just roll with it and try not to do it again.

Best of luck to you!