Gem quest failure

Completed the gem quest but the gems rewarded were half of what was listed…1,3 and 6 vs. 2, 6, 12. Is this a bug? That was alot of flags for crap amount of gems…

This was the common gem quest, I believe the rewards you were expecting are for the uncommon gem quest.

Edit: Uncommon gives 3, 6, 9 gems.
Not sure what was listed for this quest (have done it already, but I also received 1, and 6 gems.


Weird. Mine shows 1,3, and 6 gems.


@DBC correct, this is the common gem quest so only gives 1, 3 & 6 gems.


It’s not a bug. “Collect Gems II” is the one that gives 3, 6 and 9 gems.


Maybe OP mistaken number indicating required world energy with the number of gems?

The only 2 WE quests are the starting stages of Rare lines on Events I believe…

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